Monday, August 17, 2009

A various assortment

After the experience of Shambhala, my eyes have been opened to a vast array of music that I haven't been exposed to before. Many different sub genre's under the dance music umbrella are all blossoming in their own way. From the deep minimal drum lines of the new squeaky "party techno" genre which was a festival favorite, to aggressive abrasive dubstep and drum and bass. So I thought I'd just post a few tracks today of different styles that I'm stoked on right now.

First off, here's a new La Roux, Jack Beats remix, who where one of my favorite acts at Sham. This tune is a nice mix of minimal tribal drum patterns, catchy vocals, and that well known Jack Beats wompy bassline.
I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats remix)-La Roux

Next, here's another remix of Little Boots new tune Remedy done by Style of Eye. This very minimal squeaky style of track was very popular and seems to have completely overtaken it's loud "banging" predecessor.
Remedy (Style Of Eye remix)-Little Boots

And Finally some nice uplifting DnB courtesy of Mistabishi's remix of Science of Fear by Temper Tap.
Sceince Of Fear (Mistabishi remix)-Temper Tap

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