Saturday, April 26, 2008


Out of any producer that been doing his/her/their thing big over the last while, Uk based Fake Blood is doing it BIG, REAL BIG. This cats tunes are guaranteed smashers every time.

While we all wait for his big OG debut on Counterfeet to the tune of "Fake Blood Theme" and "Mars", lets play a little catch up for those of you who may have been sleeping heavy over the last bit.

Heres a slew of MP3's to bring your sets up to date or remind you exactly why you play soo much of this mans music.

MP3 - South Rakkas Crew "Mad Again" (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Underworld "Ring Road" (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "look for the woman" (Fake Blood remix)

MP3 - UNKLE "Restless" (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal - Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Black Ghosts "Any Way You Choose To Give It" (Fake Blood Remix)

MP3 - Bonde De Role "Gasolina" (Fake Blood Remix)

If that wasnt convincing enough heres more or less the ultimate testimonial in all things Fake Blood


My boy Lazer Fangz out of Calgary via the NYC is one of Canada's illest party photographers. Hes shot the whos who of the whos who and then some. You can check all his work here -

He was recently down in Etown for the 8th Annual Four Twenty "8 Bit" and graced the party with his talents. Heres some of my favored shots but dont let me tell you whats hype go peep the whole meal deal at his blog

Monday, April 14, 2008


These fellow AB DJ's are and have been killing it for a min now. Individually known as Pete Emes and Mike Grimes they are stellar dj's on their own no doubt. However when they hold hands they become the unstoppable party rocking force that is known simply as Smalltown DJ's they are more or less "those guys". Their whole deal has popped off so hard that they now can boast Vegas residencies, North American wide tours, hosting the whos who of the cool music stuff at their weekly Hai Karate night, 5 hour sets at Shambhala alongside The Rub, Krafty Kuts, Flosstradamus, Wicked Lester, Fort Knox 5, and many others.

Basically their shit is huge and ya'll better get on it before you become just another wagon jumper.

Heres a couple MP3's to wet your taste buds until this saturday. Of course Im talking about Four Twenty. Gonna be a big one!

Reel 2 Real - "I Like to Move It" (Smalltown DJs Moving Makes Me Sick Remix)

Smalltown Djs - Strike a Badman

Also peep this. New release from the STDJ's, long side Dave Nada, Bird Peterson, and Mr. Baker of the RUB.

" Introducing DO IT TO IT - a brand new vinyl EP featuring five hot remixes ready to interrupt your broadcast, brought to you by Burlesque of North America, the folks who brought you Dre Day, Life Sucks Die Magazine, and Life Sucks Die Food Corp. Comes packaged in limited edition screenprinted jackets, designed and printed by Burlesque. "

Vinyl will be available through Turntable Lab and Burlesque.

Heres the promo video.

that noise

So you know when your sitting near your computer and a second or two prior to getting a call or text msg you hear this weird sound on your computer speakers or studio monitors. It actually only happen with certain cell phone providers but Im sure you all know what Im speaking about. ANYhow, I came across this track the other day that actually samples that noise.

MP3 - René van Munster 'Feed Me'

Very odd tune indeed but if your feeling it you can pick it up along with its B side counterpart on Prompt Digital out of sunny Los Angles CalifornIA.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A TRAK fixes his beeper


So A-Trak was here two weeks ago and killed it! He dropped bomb after bomb of electroish fidgety wobble hipster house and cut, juggled, and scratch all the while. However there were some disappointed folks in the house who came to feast on some hiphop and only got a taste. One guy was so vexed and unwilling to get down with the party that he decided to walk to the front thumbs down in the air and booed A-Trak. Granted it was a bit linear after a bit it was still a wicked party and a good show. Some cats obviously havent been keeping up with A-Trak and his dealings as of late.

In other A-Trak related news I saw this today via super duper blog PALMS OUT SOUNDS

"A-Trak sent this over today with this note:
Hello sir- As you know I did a remix for Count & Hello Sinden's "Beeper". Unfortunately when the label got it mastered there was an error and the engineer cut off the first second of my track. By the time Domino let me hear it, it was already on promo cds circulating and even though they fixed it for the commercial release, that's the version that got on all the blogs. Here's the correct version of my track. It's easy to hear the difference: it starts with a kick drum. If you could let people know that they probably have a defective one and encourage them to download this one, that would really help... thanks!
So to all of you who downloaded this from the blogs, your version's broked!! Get the fixed one.
Count & Sinden - "Beeper" (A-Trak Remix) FIXED VERSION."