Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drop this...

Ive been a fan of Drop The Lime for a long time now. I mean lets face it the guy is amazing he sings he makes awesome music and he's a world class dj. That being said for some reason this song still managed to blow me away. Real talk.

Drop the Lime — Sex Sax from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

B. Trait's Digital Soundboy Mix

Yumm0! The blonde blunt banged bombshell DJ B. Traits just dropped a mix packed full of juicy tracks from the Digital Soundboy label. For those who don't know, Digital Soundboy was founded by Shy FX in 2005 for one purpose only - to release music he likes, and he likes a lot of drum & bass. Personally I've been a fan of Digital Soundboy from the second it was formed and have been listening to their sporadic podcasts for years. It's beautiful to see a new mix coming out from them, full of old and new tracks to skank to.

Check out a recent article on Digital Soundboy here

My favourite sad but true quote from the article:
"People have to come and give D&B a kick up the arse. I don't think D&B is dead by the way, I just think people have got a bit lazy with it." - Shy FX

Time to step it up a notch, producers!

Riot Music - Donaeo
Riot Music (Skream Remix) - Donaeo
Burning Up - Skream
Memories of 3rd Base - Skream
My Pet Monster - Caspa
Pan Pipes - Benny Page
Rain - Breakage
Justified - Breakage
Together (ft. David Rodigan) - Breakage
Hard (ft. Newham Generals & David Rodigan) - Breakage
Little Bits - Benga
Speachless (ft. Donaeo) - Breakage
Open Up - Breakage
Step Out - Benny Page
Trigger Finger - Benny Page
Stop Watching - Benga
Floor Dem - Caspa
Make if Funky For Me (Rusko Remix) - Attacca Pesante
Make it Funky For Me (ft. Shea Soul) - Attacca Pesante
Feelings - Shy FX & T Power
Change - Visionary
Hustlin - Visionary
Bashment Boogie VIP - Benny Page
Urban Tribe - Benny Page
Fever - Benny Page & Zero G
Gangsta (ft. Spyda) - Benny Page
Turn Down The Lights - Benny Page
Can't Test VIP - Benny Page
Can't Test - Benny Page
Musical Heatwave - Benny Page
On The Run (ft. David Boomah) - Shy FX
Under Surveilance - Benny Page
Rub A Dub - Benny Page
Everyday (ft. Top Cat) - Shy FX & T Power
Everyday (Chase & Status Remix) - Shy FX & T Power
Badness - Visionary
Creeping Dub - Heist & Studio 12
Green Destiny - Loxy
Miss Nobody - Vapor
Fantasia - DJ Fresh
Time Moves On - Marky & S.P.Y.
Armshouse - Gremlinz
Havanna - Vicious Circle
The Gift and Curse - Loxy
Promises Promises - Vapor & Jem One
Riff Raff - Marky & S.P.Y.
Jaguar Technique - Serum
Sunburn -
Near Miss - System
Bambaata (Break Remix) - Shy FX
Hold It - System
So Good - 8 Bits (Spinback & S.P.Y)
Heavyweight - DJ Fresh
Shaku - Lynx & Maple
Storyboard - Loxy
Untitled Dub - G Swift
Cage - System
Thoughtless - Calibre
Trip It - Calibre
Thought Reform - System
Stowaway - Rockwell
Tempa (ft. Kemo) - Breakage
Plastic Soul (D Bridge Remix) - Shy FX
Run Em Out (ft. Roots Manuva) - Breakage
No Sanction - Heist
Stupid (ft. Roses Gabor) - Redlight

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rusko - Hold On

Brand new video for Rusko's Hold On just dropped. Its simple, yet a real testament to just how far he has come in this game. The crazy thing is he is moving up and up and up still! HOLD ON!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

House You Tuesday

Zombie Disco Squad are two incredibly talented young Djs from London, well known for their infamous GET RUDE parties and versatile dj-sets. Heres a couple of their jams you'll need in your arsenal.

Ye Is Back!

For the first time since the whole Taylor Swift ish Mr. West steps back on stage. He dropped into nothing short of a massive thunderous reaction on Jiggas "Run This Town". Which really goes to show the man can do no wrong. I endorse Kayne in a big big way and while the whole Taylor Swift thing was a bit much I applaud Kayne to the fullest because he always says exactly whats on his mind. How in todays age of mass produced plastic people crankin' out "hits" they didnt even write and sometimes didnt even sing can you not fully respect that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

7 tracks for the 7 days of the week!



On the bright side, the sun is shining, weather is sweet and hopefully these tunes will make you want to move your dancing feet ;)

This track preview is brought to you by the dynamic trio that call themselves Magnetic Man. The group consists of Skream, Benga, and Artwork, all of whom I'm sure need no introduction. They are signed to Columbia records and I cannot wait for their album to drop! Make sure to pick up a copy when it's released!

ps. Here's another new track by Magnetic Man. LOVE the synth line, soo catchy, and the drops are ridiculous. However, I think the rest could use a little work. Something is lacking. What do ya think?

Moving along, we have a new Mim0sa remix for those of you who like things on the glitchier side. This track is sick, not to mention FREE so turn up the bass and enjoy!

Next up we have a couple new remixes by the Canadian duo The Killabits. These guys have had my attention for a minute now. Hailing from Toronto, they represent one half of Bassmentality. Bassmentality is the brain child of The Killabits and Zeds Dead, another Toronto Based production duo. The night is held at Toronto's Wrong Bar, and features both groups as well as some local and international talent. Check out their myspace if you're feelin' these tracks:)

We all love Major Lazer, and this remix is dope.

Yet another remix of Poiriers "wha-la-la-leng". The Killabits picked up the tempo on this one and I'm definitely enjoying it!

Drum N Bass producer Netsky brings us this next track. The drop at 1:28 = heaven. Just sayin'.

last but not least...

Craze, Kill The Noise, & Klever - Slow Roast

The word is out! Slow Roast Records is busy cookin’ up somethin’ that will titilate your musical taste buds! Tasters and tastemakers alike from all corners of the globe are salivating at the sensual aroma of a meal fit for a… pig?

Served up by none other than the legendary DJ Craze, Klever and avant-garde producer extraordinaire Kill The Noise, Slow Roast is a label that will showcase a whole lot of amazing music across many genres. The label is distributed by A-Trak and Nick Catchdub’s highly regarded Fool’s Gold Records. With a list of influential names like that working behind the scenes, it’s got everyone asking a lot of questions!

As many already know the boss hogs behind this label have very diverse musical backgrounds. So naturally, when it comes to selecting artists and releases, these guys plan on choppin’ things up a bit! With that being said, it’s difficult to pigeonhole the Slow Roast Sound. What you can always expect though, is a piping hot, 100% pure, quality cut that will leave you satisfied and wanting more!

This year is already shaping up to be a fat one, with radio play around the world, endorsement by some of dance music’s most influential DJs, and huge support from club goes and music listeners around the world! Be sure to keep an eye out for future Slow Roast releases and the Slow Roast team in the flesh with their one man party pig mascot Ludwig Von Pig aka Louie!

The Slow Roast Team

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graffiti Analysis

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

It's nice to see some scientific expertise going into street crimes. Plus the music in this video is really dope. Make sure you check it out!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When does something become so eastern it's western?

This is a ditty by LH1 out of Manchester. A growing hot bed of Dubstep that's leading the charge of artists coming from central and northern England; Look out London. LH1 seems to be a bit of a sleeper with his World-Dubstep beats, but judging by the number of Soundcloud comments he's received, definitely one to look out for in the near future.

LH1-Moving Moments by LH1

Now, your probably wondering who this new face on the blog might be. Well, I'm your friendly, neighborhood Ten-O. One of the newer members of the Oh Snap family, but really a techno-klutz that never quite learned how to sign on and operate a blog. (I know. It seems easy now)

In the future, I look to provide this blog with perspective on the burgeoning bass scene. A look at Glitch and IDM, as well as new directions in Dubstep and DnB.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House You Tuesday

Haven't posted in a while. So thought I'd come up with a weekly post to keep you all up to date on who I thinks fresh in House music these days. Nothing Crazy a couple featured tunes from a Producer /DJ I'm jammin on and you may too. This week with Renaissance Man they've been all over blogland for a while now as well as Beatport and your dancefloor will not wanna miss them.

This shit is a Throwback!

A hype new release by Dubbel Dutch! This little jam has a great bmore vibe to it and an awesome classic house style vocal. Guaranteed dance floor fire right here!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010


First up, one of the most talked about producers of 2010, this nice young lad from Manchester has managed to kick off his career at the speed of light (illum sphere=”shining ball of light”): with the highly-praised album “Long Live The Plan” with remixes from Ikonika and Samiyam last spring, a BBC 1xtra music award, performance at Low End Theory, a solo EP on Martyn’s label 3024, and of course an invitation to Red Bull Music Academy 2010. And it’s no wonder – once you hear illum sphere’s production, there’s no way back. It grabs you into the murky, psycho world where the only source of light is again illum sphere…
1. Illum Sphere Intro
2. Gillian Hills- Qui A Su
3. Aaliyah- One In A Million
4. Actress- Hubble
5. Martyn- Miniluv
6. Crystal Grass- Crystal World
7. Illum Sphere- Titan
8. Gonjasufi- Stardustin’ (Falty DL Re-scue)
9. Juicy J- Soldiers From The Northside
10. Kim Tolliver- Party Lights
11. DCS London- End Music
12. Oz Brazoes- Tao Longe De Mim
13. The Beatles- I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
14. Kuedo- Starfox
15. xxxy- Just For Me
16. Machine Drum- Carry The Weight
17. Flying Lotus- Recoiled
18. Dungen- Satt Att Se
19. Nice Nice- One Hit (Illum Sphere’s None Hit Wonder Mix)
20. Prince- All The Critics Love U In New York
21. Indigo- Time
22. Roc Marciano- Don Shit
23. Dimlite- Metal Snake Rider
24. Piero Umiliani- Chaser

Next up, we got the sticky icky icky, Stickybuds drops his 2010 promo mix, The Wookie Shuffle.


Wookie Shuffle Tracklist
Intro – Ft. Chewbacca, Dumbledore The Wizard and Senor Elgado
Basement Freaks – Here Comes Our Dilla
Lack Of Afro – International (Acapella)
Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane (Acapella)
Mashed Up Funk – Change my Bucket (Sticky Edit)
Outkast – Skew It On The Bar-B (Acapella)
DJ Wood – Turn Me On (Sticky Edit)
KMC – Am Not Drunk (Acapella)
Stickybuds – Kingston Funk
Stickybuds – Ass Cramp
William Breakspear – Hanky Skanky (Sticky Edit)
Jon Ohms – Bitches (Stickypod Edit)
Mr. Benn – Police (Acapella)
South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Acapella)
Funkanomics Ft. Badkat – Mission (Acapella)
Capleton – A Nuff’ A Dem (Acapella)
Parker – Western Soul (Acapella)
Nick Thayer Ft. Sporty O’ – Gimme Some More
Nick Thayer Ft. Sporty O’ – Gimme Some More (Acapella)
Skee-Lo – I Wish (Slynk Remix)
Stickybuds – Do What You Want To!
Kool Hertz – Cost of Living
James Brown – Mind Power (Basement Freaks Regroove)
Sista Widey – Prime Time (Kool Hertz Remix)
Beatconductor – Can’t Go For That (Sticky Edit)
John Legend – Used To Love You (Acapella)
Jungle Brothers – Brain (Acapella)
The Gaff – Get Up Stand Up (Sticky Edit)
Manmade – Party Block Rocker (Da Wiesel Remix / Sticky Edit)
Rodney P – Riddim Killa (Acapella)
Breakage – Hardcore Music (Skit)
Smov – Quality Soul (Sticky Edit)
Jurassic 5 – Quality Control (Acapella)
Breakbeat Junkie – Crazy Jerk
Fab Sampari – Listen Up (Sticky Edit)
Aphrodite Feat Deadly Hunta – Ganja Man (Sticky Edit)
Wicked Lester – I Go Now
Clipse – Last Time (Acapella)
Wicked Lester – Come On (Sticky Edit)
Alozade – Smoking Trees (Acapella)
Bro Safari – Amazon Rock (Sticky Edit)
Dj Vadim – Soldier (Glitchapella)
Pyramid vs. Specimen A – No Games (Sticky Edit)
Killaqueenz – Bitches (Acapella)
Stickybuds – Bass Now VIP (Acapella)
DJ Kid Stretch – Horny (Sticky Edit)
Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Acapella)
Slynk + Dj P – Lovely One
DJ Kid Stretch – Horny (Acapella)
Crank Yankers –Ft. Special Ed – Do You Know That Song? (Skit)
Mooncat – Love Rockers
Fort Knox 5 – Uptown Trix (Shimon Remix) (Acapella)
Fort Knox 5 – Uptown Trix (Shimon Remix)
Wideboys – Girl Dem Shaker Ft. Jlc (Glitchapella)
Mooncat – War In A Babylon
Rodney P – Riddim Killa (Acapella)
Deekline + Ed Solo – Top Rankin
Bob Marley – Is This Love (Glitchapella)
Rox – My Baby Left Me (DC Breaks Remix)
Greasy South Vs. Les Garc?ons – Tambour Battant
Crooklyn Clan – It’s About Ta Get Hot (Acapella)
Pretty Lights – Sunday School (Slynk Edit)
Illesha – The Grande Slam Dunk (Sticky Edit)
Cecile – Changez (Acapella)
Outro – Chewbacca

New Zinc, April 2010 CrackHouseMix


Friday, June 4, 2010

Grind Time - Dizaster

Grind Time is the world's number hiphop/rap battle league. I admittedly slept on this whole scene/league for a min but after Skribble Jam went south these hommies kept it all rollin. They have turned Grind Time into the single biggest player in the game of hiphop battles. If you happened to follow SJ things have changed a bit since but these are some serious battles. Im going to do a few features on some of the more note worthly and prolific characters from this scene, trust me theres alot of them.

Dizaster hails from LA and has that city along with many more around the world on lock. Hes simply is one of the best in the game, check the footy below and see for yourself!

Dizaster slays the former king of SJ Thesaurus

One of my favorite battles with Dizaster. This was a close one!

Drop into 2010 on NYE impromt to battle due to a no show from Jin [look it up].

2010 diz still killin it.