Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mighty Crown & Phatty Maria & Junko

Japans number one dancehall sound MIGHTY CROWN, current dancehall queen PHATTY MARIA, and Japanese dancehall queen legend JUNKO put it down for Japan. Dancehall is simply massive there! Large ups!

Monday, January 25, 2010


D&B legend turned budding house star ZINC is hitting heavy with his brand of 4x4 beats self dubbed "crack house". His tune Blunt Edge got a voicing from Ms. Dynamite and has turned into the now widely anticipated WILE OUT! This redux has injected a huge breath of life into both the song and their careers. Official video dropped this past week and although currently floating around in blog land in incredibly low quality, the proper release, which id venture to say is well worth the wait pops off in February. This is a serious tune and I can not wait to get a proper quality version of it, until then peep the video.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing WakCutt tear it up on the 1's and 2's, then you know he's nothing short of amazing. This man has some serious skills behind the decks. You may have caught him rocking the Village @ Shambhala, and you can expect to see him showing  "Really Good signs" of things to come. 

DJ WakCutt - (Golden, BC - Golden Delicious, Zodiac Hemp, Get Low, VLTS) TURNTABL-ISH/ MOST FORMS OF BASS MUSIC. Originally from Calgary AB, WakCutt was introduced to vinyl culture early in life by his father who was an avid record collector. He first took to the turntables in 96 and hasn't looked back since moving to Golden in 1997. Over the years, WakCutt has developed a taste and ability for mixing various styles of music seamlessly in his performances. He's definitely not wack on the cut - opening for the likes of Glitch Mob, A-Skillz, Nu-Mark, Buck 65 and many others as well as jamming on stage with Ed Solo, Greyboy, Maestro Fresh Wes, Josh Martinez, DJ dopey, and Mat the Alien. For over 13 years, WakCutt has been turning heads in Golden & across Alberta & BC. One listen and you'll hear why there's a strong demand for his talents across western Canada. -

1. W lovers intro.

2. Dangerdoom - Sofa King.

3. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Devotion.

4. DJ JS-1 - Brainbender (Instrumental).

5. Audited Beats - That Bounce (Dub Version) w/ EMC, Masta Ace, Strick, Punchline (I Knew a Girl acca).

6. Heyoka - Hazy.

7. Bassnectar feat. Cates &DPL - Backpack Rehab.

8. A-Skillz & Nick Thayer - Yap That Fool.

9. LMFAO - Shots.

10. CJ Bolland - Sugar Daddy (Precise Remix).

11. Manges - Digital Manges (Dubble Dutch Remix. Wakcutt Edit).

12. Gramophondzie - Why Don't You.

13. Hostage - Badman Sound.

14. Jacob Plant - Bassline In (Jeuce Rework).

15. AC Slater - Rock It Out.

16. SNAP - Rhythm Is Aa Dancer (Rico Tubbs Remix).

17. Jack Beats - UFO (DJ Mania Re-edit).

18. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Cold Blank Remix).

19. Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Remix).

20. Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur.

21. The B52's - Love Shack (Subvert Remix).

22. J Saxton - Try This On Scope.

23. 321 VS. Tim Healey/ Deekline - Bring It Back (Ed Solo & JFB Remix).

24. Crissy Criss - Up & Down.

25. Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers (Doorly Remix).

26. 501 - Special Request.

27. Satori & Marcus Visionary - Black Panther w/ Busta Rhymes (Dangerous aaca).

28. Addergebroed - Messenger.

29. Egyptrixx - Godzilla.

30. Dubtek - Glamorous Death Energy.

31. Foreign Beggars - Seven Figure Swagger (Bar 9 Remix).

32. Davip - Dub Freak.

33. Tek-One - Broken String.

34. J. Rabbit - I'm So Happy.

35. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Remix).

36. Mark Instinct - Heatwav.

37. Ella Jobin - What Ever Happened To?....

38. J Boston - It's a Pity.

39. Conquering Lion - Code Red (Serial Killas Remix).

40. Marcus Visionary - Soundboy Burial (Benny Page Remix).

41. DJ Deekline, Ed Solo, & Simon M - Sugar Me.

42. Camo & Krooked - Get Funky.

43. Urban Assault - Red Raider.

44. Knight Riderz - 1up.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Its official. Serato and Ableton have released a combo that is sure to change the game! Only time will tell but Id put my money on this destroying Pioneers new advancements altogether.

SIXTY-EIGHT Scratch Live 2.0 Features

• Support for two DJs at once.

DJ handover is easy with two USB ports. Easily switch between two laptops without interrupting the music. e.g., DJ A can be playing out channels 1 and 2, and then hand off those channels one at a time to DJ B.

Two DJs can perform in parallel on the same mixer: Two DJs connect, configure which channels they output in software, and then DJ side by-side off the same mixer. eg., DJ A can play out channels 1 and 2, and DJ B can play out channels 3 and 4 at the same time.

• Control of Scratch Live from the hardware control strips.

A plug-and-play preset is included which performs standard functions (Library Navigation, Cues, Loops).

Customizable presets for advanced users who will be able to switch groups, so the control strips become open-assignable like a MIDI controller, allowing custom functions and mapping.

• Record your separate PGM inputs, FlexFX USB Send, Aux Inputs or Main Mix: all possible record sources.

• SP-6 Sample player output assign to mixer channels.

Additional output options are added to the SP-6 Sample Player, allowing a user to choose channels 1-4 or the FlexFX Return as the output. This allows three decks coming out of channels 1-3 and having the SP-6 coming out of channel 4.

• Control and insertion of Software FX using the FlexFX USB Insert.

• Record your mix to disk with pre-fader audio and fader automation recorded.

This option allows a user to record not only audio, but fader automation. This can then be imported into a DAW for editing.

Ableton Bridge support with the first release, with more to be added later.



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Style & Swagga Medley

The hottest dancehall riddim around right now gets the video medley treatment featuring RDX, Assassin, Tifa, Wasp, Terro 3000 and Voicemail. This is pure fire however Terro 3000 we could have done without your second autotuned voicing!

Here's a freebee of one of my favorite jams from the riddim. New on the dancehall scene is MR.AJRENALINE flexing a style on Mr. Joe that reminds me alot of the legendary Mr. Vegas. Top Shelf!

MP3: Ajrenaline "MR.Joe"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SOUTH RAKKAS - Stimulus Package

What a massive treat to punch off 2010! South Rakkas Crew released their album The Stimulus Package for free yesterday on Diplo’s Mad Decent label (download it here). Ive been a huge fan of South Rakkas for a minute and have toured extensively with Mr. Dow Jones. While on tour he played me a few of these jams in their earlier stages and I have been on the edge of my seat since. When I got the word this was dropping for a super sweet price of $0 I was blown away. This is truly a gift and this whole LP is top quality from start to finish.

South Rakkas have gained the most of their love for their blazing dancehall riddims (“Clappas,” “Red Alert,” “Bionic Ras," “Chinkuzi”, and the previous Mad Decent effort "The Mix UP") and Stimulus Package doesn’t disappoint on the digital riddim tip at all. With vocal drops from the likes of Capleton, Serocee, Zulu and Mr. Agony, this is the best post-modern dancehall album to date. Some might claim Major Lazer but this is future dancehall at it best, hands down. “So It Go” with Serocee is stright murderous and as Serocee says "South Rakkas, anything that clash we must be crackers"! However dancehall isn’t the only look here — South Rakkas cover the whole spectrum of electronic grooves here, boasting depth that most dancehall producers have trouble wrapping their head around. There are tracks featuring the surprising likes of Australian electro-indie hype band Grafton Primary and Satomi Matsuzaki of indie-noise iconoclasts Deerhoof, deep!. Then they flip Mylo’s “Drop The Pressure” into a dutty dancehall riddim on “Dance Wid We” and “Like U Like” is definitely on some Justicey type ish, which I know Dow Jones has a big weak spot for! At the end of the day though this diversity shouldn’t be at all surprising from producers who can flex from Beenie Man and Bounty Killer one moment, T-Pain the next, and then on to the likes of Lily Allen, Beck, Duran Duran, Kelis, Tricky, and Yo Majesty. This is truly future of dutty funky electro clad riddims.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Night, Feelin' Alright

With the first two days of the newly minted winter term behind me, and having had a chance to "scope shit out" academically (profs, travel times between buildings, and other small things that only I care about), I can say with 86% certainty that the next three months will be far superior to the last three. New MacBook in hand, notebooks still unsullied, I am poised to enter a new era of balance; 12-hour days sitting in a dank library with poor interior design are looking like a thing of the past. At least until next week, when everything starts "for serious", there will be a noticeable bounce in my step. These tracks have been helping out:

Fantastic Lover (Kingdom Remix) - Johnny Moog

Vem Que Tem feat. Marina (Lorenz Rhode Rmx) - Schlachthofbronx vs. Lorenz Rhode