Friday, March 28, 2008


Ive been into South Rakkas for a min now. Since I first heard Mr.Vegas' "Under Mi Sensi" on the Clappas Riddim I knew these guys were onto something different. Plus being partial Canadians never hurt. Dennis "Dow Jones" was born in Jamaica but raised for most of his life in Canada, and Alex G was born in the US but spent a good portion of his life in Canada as well. Which lends itself even more to just how crazy these guys and their productions are as it is notoriously hard for anyone outside JA to make into the dancehall circles. Having produced two full length riddim albums for Greensleeves and two for their own Riddim Riddin imprint the South Rakkas crew is truly dancehall and truly innovators within the genre. As the first dancehall producers ever signed to MAD DECENT the SRC looks to push boundaries and close boarders within dance music while expanding the dancehall audience.

CLAPPAS RIDDIM [Greensleeves]
MP3 - MR.Vegas w/ Alozade and Hollow Point "Under Mi Sensi" (South Rakkas Clappas Riddim)

RED ALERT RIDDIM [Greensleeves]
Mp3 - Capleton "Real Hot" (South Rakkas Crew Red Alert Riddim)
MP3 - Vybz Cartel "Mi Fi A Dweet" (South Rakkas Red Alert Riddim)

BIONIC RAS [Riddim Riddin]
MP3 - Capleton "Long Time" (South Rakkas Bionic Ras Riddim)

CHINKUZI [Riddim Riddin]
MP3 - Beenie Man "Jamaican Style" (South Rakkas Chinkuzi Riddim)

CHINKUZI's REVENGE [Riddim Riddin]
MP3 - Kid Fareigna "Light Up" (South Rakkas Chinkuzi Revenge Riddim)

MIX UP ALBUM [Mad Decent]
MP3 - South Rakkas Crew feat. TOK "Carry Feelings"


Mp3: Beck - "Black Tambourine" (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

MP3 - South Rakkas Crew - "Mad Again" (Diplo Edit)

MP3 - "Work" (DJ Ayres Chinkuzi remix) - Masters at Work f. Puppah Ras-T & Denise




MP3 - South Rakkas Crew - Mix Up EP (teaser)

The South Rakkas Crew 'Mix up' EP is out now through Diplo's Mad Decent records, featuring the killer club banga (and my personal favourite) 'Hotter Than Them' with Kid Foreigner and Bigga Boss. All the tracks on this record are outstanding, and range from the heavy bass style dancehall South Rakkas are known for, to more bouncy and light-hearted tracks. There is also an ingenius Sesame Street sample on the Geefus and Ninja Kid track.


South Rakkas also just happens to be headlining our 8th annual 420 party. April.19th is a day Ive been waiting for for a min. now. Get your tickets NOW!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sooooooo this kid is

Ts7 is turning out some of the heaviest bassline joints around these days. Hes from Bradford UK and looking to stamp his name on this music game for good! When I heard this first joint "Baby' I lost it! Tune is HEAVY and samples one of my favorite Sizzla joints.

MP3 - Cheeksta "Baby" (TS7 RMX)

Then I was turned onto this little joint with another heavy bassline lad of the current time
Jamie Duggan

Mp3 - TS7 & Jamie Duggan "Dubplate"

The latest to come from bad boy TS7 is this remix of Estelle & Kayne.... American Boy. This shit does not stop!

MP3 - Estelle ft. kanye west "American Boy" [ TS7 remix ]

Once again if you dont know get to know TS7 is bringing the heat in 08. Check it!


Words from Mr. Cousin Cole himself.

Hi. I DJ and make music and I live in New York. I’m one half of Flagrant Fowl with my boy Pocketknife.

My tracks and remixes have gotten support from some of the best DJs in the world: Optimo, Diplo, DJ AM, Sinden, Todd Terje,Crookers, Mark Ronson, Low Budget, Annie Mac, DJ Yoda,Gavin Hardkiss,The Rub, Scottie B, A-Trak, Steve Aoki, Catchdubs, Certified Bananas, Willy Joy, DJ Degree etc. etc. etc.

I thought Id throw in the "DJ Degree" for good measure!

Anyhow Cole kills it and I just found a new remix of his that is off the chain. Not off the chain in a Im gonna play this at the next sock hop type way but more of a off the hook in a im gonna stare into my girls eyes and put the butter moves on her way.
Anyway you look at it the tune is hot and so are the other bonus tunes below. DONT SLEEP!

MP3 - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Im On Fire" [ Cousin Cole ReMix ]

MP3 - DJ Kool "Let Me Clear My Throat" [ Cousin Cole remix ]

MP3 - Bird Peterson "Twurk Central" [ Cousin Cole remix ]

Friday, March 21, 2008

It’s a Tensta Thing!

So maybe it just me but lately I have been hearing more and more crazy good remixes and edits with Swedish hip hop MC Adam Tensta. He is for sure one of the Freshest rappers in the market right now hailing from Stockholm Sweden. Tensta's debut album "It’s a Tensta Thing" was released in September 2007 by K-Wrek Records. Two singles from the album, "They Wanna Know" and "My Cool", received significant airplay and peaked in the top twenty entries of the Sweden Singles Top 60. Anyways if you haven't listened to him already take a listen to a couple of his original tracks.


The Wanna Know - Adam Tensta

My Cool - Adam Tensta

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The boys from Finland have been killing it for a minute now. They are known for a banging bmore flavor like no other. Having caught the ears of DJ Ayres [the rub] and the one like Tittsworth they have releases on their T&A records imprint out now and more to come. Now moving slightly away from the more tradition / typical bmore sound to a fidget house tip these boys are showing their true versatility. The influence of Baltimore club runs deep but Top Billin is destined for far more than a one dimensional club sound. Check below for reviews, tunes, mixes and much much more. TOP BILLIN is on it!


"Their club edits are straight crack. Electro, dance, baile funk, Bmore... it's all here. Guaranteed to wreck your body and turn the party out."

"Top Billin are the 1 DJ's in Europe at this point. Everyone who's listening knows what I'm talking about."

"These joints are pure dancefloor heatery. Guaranteed to get those asses shaking!"

"From the bouncy synths in 'Up In Here' to the Dire Straights build, this ep had me straight rockin' (time after time)!! Keep it movin fam!"

"Good Stuff!"
SINDEN (Radioplay on Sinden's Kiss FM show)

"Top Billin vol.1 EP is BLAMMO !!! Super Ill Scandinavian Booty Rave Music 4 Jeeps & Dirty Dancefloors !!! I always throw some Top Billin in my DJ sets !!! Seriously bouncin shit 4 titts & asses !!! No fuckin joke."

"The Top Billin gang has done it again for the first time! Seriously, I love these joints. These tracks are so damn hot, and I'm so happy these dudes are letting the world in on the goods! Money For Nothing has killed at every spot i've spun it at, and i'm so happy i got the rest of em now to do the same! BIG THINGS!"

"Top Billin is trill!"

"I think the record is fuckin bananas. Def beggin for a murder to the dancefloor... My head exploded and with it came a brand new head, thats how good it is!"

"Bonkers! Top Billin is killing that shit!"


MP3 - TOP BILLIN "My Girl Wants To"


MP3 - TOP BILLIN "Willing"

MP3 - TOP BILLIN "Tell Your Girl To Juke IT UP"



01. mc miker "g" & deejay sven: whimsical touch
02. roisin murphy: overpowered (loose cannons remix)
03. newcleus: jam on it (claude vonstroke & galen disco kryptonite remix)
04. orange lemon: the texican (club mix)
05. run jeremy: window licker (x-rated lick)
06. the rapture: wayuh (scottie b remix)
07. dj pushups & sir nenis: u don kno meh
08. rod lee: feel me
09. glide: all right (all night mix)
10. adam kesher: modern times (goon & koyote remix)
11. say wut: yeah
12. doc scott: night nurse
13. dj technics: you deserve
14. cousin cole: chicken moose rhino monkey pt 1
15. alan braxe & kris menace: lumberjack
16. muscles: one inch bagde pin (bag raiders remix)
17. second phase: mentasm (original mix)
18. jimi bazzouka: troglodyts
19. josh wink: higher state (tweakin acid funk mix)
20. xvectors: your love
21. beastie boys: fight for your right to party!
22. da shop boys: party like a rockstar (cousin cole rock mix)
23. jay-z: dirt off ya shoulder / 99 problems (tom mariachi remix)
24. the knife: girls night out
25. jonny l: back to my roots (k-tee & dj friction remix)
26. die & clipz: no 1 (roni size vip)
27. collie buddz: come around (dj anonymous remix)
28. red astaire: no mo
29. sa-ra creative partners: my lady
30. the fix: what can i do
31. talib kweli & madlib: what can i do
32. zo! ft phonte & carlitta durand: take on me
33. let's go sailing: icicles

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Trizzy @ Oh Snap!

This coming Saturday sees one of Hip Hop's youngest stars and one of the DJ worlds biggest stars touch down at Oh Snap!

Of course Im talking about Canada's own DJ A TRAK

heres the story in short so far...

Alain Macklovitch (born March 30, 1982) is a Montreal-based DJ and turntablist. He performs and records under the name A-Trak.

Macklovitch won the DMCs World DJ Championship in 1997 at the age of 15, the youngest recipient of the award ever. He was also the first Canadian to ever win the DMCs World DJ Championship. He was later asked to join the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, and is a member of The Allies. A-Trak cites the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince album "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" as a big influence into turntablism. A-Trak is the younger brother of David Macklovitch, the guitarist and lead singer of the synth-pop duo Chromeo.

He is currently supporting Kanye West as his official tour DJ.In addition A-Trak also runs his own labels "Fool's Gold" with Nick Catchdubs & "Audio Research" with his brother David Macklovitch.

MP3 - Boys Noize "Oh!" [A Trak Remix]

MP3 - Sinden and the Count of Monte Cristal "Beeper" [A Trak Remix]

MP3 - Kayne West "Stronger" [A Trak Remix]

MP3 - Digitalism "Idealistic" [A Trak Remix]


In the past I must admit Ive completely slept on Mr. Juan Mac Lean. So having not been a huge fan of Juan Maclean prior to I had no idea what to expect when the buzz around "Happy House" started to surface. This track is just what the name says, happy house. The piano line in this tune instantly puts a smile on your face and if it doesnt you have no heart. This track is a true master piece.

From The Juan Mac Lean himself...

"I have finished a new album that will be coming out sometimes in the Spring/Summer of 2008. It is called . Before that, though, a 12" called Happy House is coming out on March 4, 2008. Already advance orders are selling out, so be sure to be on top of the ball and get one on the first go round. I imagine it will be available through the usual download channels. Not just the free ones that everyone uses, a practise that ensures that i never recieve a dime for any of this, but also through iTunes. I had this idea that if like 100,000 people bought it when it came out then i would be number one in the charts that week, but then someone told me that was unrealistic because the song is actually like 12 minutes long and it would take too long for 100,000 downloads to happen. But we can try.
Happy House is a piano house type thing featuring Nancy Whang on the vocals, Nick Minllhiser (who you know from the Juan MacLean band, electro percussionist) on the drums, bass, and percussion, and Alex Frankel (who you also know from the Juan MacLean band as a keyboardist) on the keyboard, a piano and a Wurlitzer. This is a sound that very much reflects the years of touring we did for Less Than A Human, the first LP. Which brings me to the new LP, .
' ' will be released some time in the spring or summer of 2008. It is very reminiscent of the Juan MacLean live show. Much more of a live sound than A Lesser Human. Also, there it is much more vocal oriented, with lots of vocal presentation by Nancy and Juan. Sometimes Alex does a falsetto. Touring with the band will commence in the spring. It will be pretty much as before, except the full time addition of Nancy and Alex. We will be playing everywhere in the world, even in the Orient this time. Probably not Arabia though, unless stuff gets better there. Other than that we will be everywhere. 2008 will be Juan's year finally. The pope is calling it the year of forgiveness."

while waiting for the LP to drop do your ears a favor and go purchase "Happy House"

or listen to this version in super hi definition top quality 64Kbps audio first, then go purchase "Happy House"

MP3 - The Juan Mac Lean "Happy House"

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Krafty Kuts

DJ Mehdi

Although they are not really battling they are both throwing it down in heavy fashion tonight @ Oh Snap! Krafty Kuts will be taking to the main stage and DJ Mehdi will be throwing down in the temple. Ive choosen opening for Mehdi over Krafty this time around but both rooms will be off the rocker. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, tonights the night!

Heres a couple of joints from both dj/producers.

MP3 - Detroit Grand Pubahs "Sandwiches" (Krafty Kuts remix)

MP3 - DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo "I Am Somebody"


One of the most anticipated projects for me in recent time is the collaborative dancehall effort between Diplo & Switch. Known as MAJOR LAZER this project is a full on reggae/dancehall collaboration and jumping on board is none other than some of dancehall top shottas. Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, and Wayne Marshall are all sited on here and this makes me very excited!

MAJOR LAZER - myspace go and makes friends now!

until more drops from MAJOR LAZER heres a couple of remixes to tide you over.

MP3 - Missy Elliot ft. Vybz Kartel - “Bad Man” (Diplo Remix)

MP3 - Santogold - Shove It Feat. Spank Rock (Switch Remix)

Friday, March 14, 2008


One of my favorite 'backpack" rappers is about to drop his first solo LP in three years. Needless to say I cant wait for this. As most I was alot more into this style of hiphop a few years back but the man grouch does it right and will never grow tired in my ears."Show You the World" drops April 8th 2008. DONT SLEEP!

MP3 - The Grouch "Artsy" [Edit Remix]

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Girl Talk is one of the main features of this wicked documentary I just came across. Good Copy Bad Copy examines the music industry,copy write laws,sampling,remix culture, and downloading from many different points of view and is an essential watch if you even kinda like music.

MP3 - Grizzly Bear "Knife" [GIRL TALK REMIX]

Sunday, March 9, 2008

SANTOGOLD for president 2012!

This song is amazing and the video is pretty illin as well. Basically SANTOGOLD is destined to rule the world.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Its been a mintue since we had an update so get ready for a big one, were going into the dancehall.

Im off this Friday to Calgary to rinse out the "Dubsided Selection" Party. The jam is pretty self explanatory, everyone is playing sets comprised of all things influenced by dancehall,reggae, and dub.
Anyone that knows me knows my in depth love affair with these genres. There is something about reggae and dancehall that move my soul unlike any other music. So in the spirit of this jam coming up below check out some of my fav bits from the reggae / dancehall world as of late.

MP3 - MAVADO - "Nuh Bleach Wid Cream"

MP3 - VYBZ KARTEL - "Tightest Punani"


MP3 - TONY MATTERHORN - "Tour Guide"

MP3 - GYPTIAN - "Too Late"

Here are a few videos from the "green screen" with the man TONY BONE on the riddim. All acoustic versions of some big tunes!

First and foremost


PERFECT "Grow Yah Natty"

COLLIE BUDDZ "Come Around"

WAYNE WONDER "Bonafide Lovin' / Movie Star"

Of course no post about dancehall/reggae would be complete without a few looks at the beautiful and gravity defying gals of the dancehall world.

first up the master of all dances dancehall queen...


JUNKO! [Dancehall Queen from JAPAN]

SHISHA [ Dancehall Queen from the UK]

the man dem have moves too!

For some more knowledge on Dancehall,Reggae,Rastafarian's,Jamaican Cuisine,Parties, and everything else that is Jamaican culture check out the documentary below. I cant not stress enough be you the rudest guy/gal in the dance or extremely ignorant on Jamaican culture this series of videos are a must see.