Saturday, February 28, 2009

RDX - Bend Over!

There's no questioning the immense talent of the duo RDX. Since January 2007, the high-energy performing duo has worked up a storm among teenagers and young adults, introducing dance routines in a song, and dance moves in the dancehall.

Renegade X and Delomar X, who comprise dancehall/reggae duo RDX, are pursuing their dream and have successfully taken their brand of music to the ears and hearts of fans locally. They are working assiduously to positively impact the international market in similar fashion.

RDX brings their explosive style of music to the dancehall game. Carlton Williams (Renegade X) and André Bedward (Delomar X) were formerly known as Xsytment and delivered hot songs like 2 Tha Haters,BumBum and I Don't Trust You. Xsytment made quite a name within the dancehall circles, having the song I Don't Trust You topping the charts in the Bahamas and peaking at number 17 on the UK's Echoes charts in 2004.

Don't hate

2 Tha Haters hit the top 10 on the same chart a year earlier.

Internal differences caused the group to downsize from a trio to a duo, and since then they have released singles such the hilarious Khaki on the Fresh Ear label and Friday, a major hit in Japan and parts of Europe.

Renegade X, the deejay of the duo is also an established beat-maker, creating hit tracks such as the Chrome rhythm for South Block/VP Records, which bore chart-toppers like In Her Heart by Capleton and Jiggy by Elephant Man.

Rhythm catalogue

Renegade's catalogue also includes the 'Dutty Landlord' 'Summer Bounce' rhythms, the latter of which featured a hit of the same name by Elephant Man.

After taking themselves out of the limelight for a few months and reassessing their strategy, Xsytment decided that the next step forward was to reinvent themselves with all the perks; a new sound, new image and a new perspective. Thus, RDX was born.

The change immediately had a positive impact, with the release of hot new songs such as Four Q and Cartoon, Renegade X kept his drum machine
thumping, and created another popular rhythm called the 'Jumpoff riddim'. Again, another hit single was brought to the fore by popular dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel entitled Realest Thing. Renegade then created Stamma and Stain with Beenie Man's hit Swing it Wey, before taking another break.

RDX took time out then to concentrate on promoting themselves in the streets before returning once again to the studios to produce Bling Dawg's hit song Roll upand Dance on the very energetic 'Bembe rhythm' for their current Apt. 19 label. The uptempo song created a frenzy within the dancehall and just about everywhere else dancehall music is played.

Always in the streets, RDX became a household name campaigning and promoting themselves in rural parishes and by visiting inner-city communities daily to interact with community members and dancers alike.

MP3: RDX - Bend Over

MP3: RDX - Bend Over [DJ Nezz Remix]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The boys from three 6 mafia have been up in the studio with none other then Diplo and Switch as of late. Rumor has it they are working on a remake of Soundgardens Black Hole Sun. Should be interesting to say the least. Here are two brand new dittys sure to make your woman love you that little bit extra! enjoy.

MP3: three 6 mafia "lick my nutts"

MP3: three 6 mafia "Da Summa"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This Thursday the alien lands in Edmonton once again. Aliens are a mystery to us still and apparently so are their track listings. Heres a brand new mix by Mat The Alien that absolutely slays but with no track listing. Feel free to fill in the track listing in the comments. This mix is murderous! be at Lucky 13 on Thursday to see the fury in person!


Monday, February 16, 2009

DJ Nu-Mark in tha House!

For well over ten years, DJ Nu-Mark has been among Hip-Hop’s most respected DJs and producers. Recognized for his membership in the gold selling group Jurassic 5, Nu-Mark is best known for his production on the raw anthem “What’s Golden” and the smooth and soulful “Work It Out,” featuring Dave Matthews. Additionally, his innovative DJ routines and creative on-stage antics have made him a favorite of crowds all over the world.

Perhaps best known for their thrilling stage show, Jurassic 5 has toured the globe several times over, and have made numerous television appearances. With Jurassic 5, Nu-Mark has performed at many of the world’s most important and exciting music festivals – Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza 2003, Australia’s Big Day Out, The UK’s Reading Festival, and Japan’s Summer Sonic – where his mastery of a complex, six-piece DJ rig and his playful incorporation of children’s musical toys have amazed and delighted crowds of up to 50,000 fans. Jurassic 5 has appeared alongside many of music’s greats, including A Tribe Called Quest, the Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, The Roots, Run DMC, Green Day, and even Bruce Springsteen.

Nu-Mark is responsible for half of the production of Jurassic 5’s entire body of work: Jurassic 5 EP (1997), Quality Control (2000), Power In Numbers (2002), and Feedback (2006). He has also released his own projects, independent of the group: Blend Crafters, an instrumental album created in the spirit of allowing beats to speak for themselves, and Hands On, a mix-CD. Hands On assembles a diverse and eclectic set of sounds, everything from soulful breaks to comedic skits, as well as classic underground jams, and includes a special section devoted to hip-hop from around the world. By turns hilarious and impressive, this project displays both Nu-Mark’s eccentric sense of humor and his devotion to solid, simply dope music. Currently, Nu-Mark is placing his beats on a number of projects in a variety of genres.

This Friday Oh Snap Presents Hip-Hop Legend DJ Nu-Mark at the Starlite room. This is going to be one of the shows that people talk about for years!


Nu-Mark With J5

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Fantazia 1991-1993, UK

Started by a guy named James Perkins in the UK, Fantazia had some of the biggest parties ever. A few notable ones were

Second Sight: 22nd February 1992 at Westpoint Centre, Nr Exeter. 5000 people
Summertime: 15th May 1992 at Matchams Park Stadium, Bournemouth. 16,000 people
One Step Beyond: 25th July 1992 at Donington Park. 25,000 people (estimated another 3000 snuck in without a ticket)

More info at: Fantazia Wiki

Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny
Downtown Recordings, 1992

Saturday, February 14, 2009


MP3: La Roux "In For The Kill" [Skream Remix]

Kitsune's La Roux turn to Skream for a relick of her new track "In For The Kill". Skream turns this jam into some seriously epic buisness. The vocals really become the centre piece of this remix as Skream complements them with a low, rumbling, yet minimal bassline which persists throughout the entire track. Killer!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Swagga Like Us (Live at The Grammys video)

Courtesy of super blog Discobelle. This is simply huge and the performance is nothing short of electric! Who said Hip Hops dead???

Heres a low quality you tube version.

Click below for high quality verion
Swagga Like Us (Live at The Grammys video)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Fine Day For A Mix.

Just Thought I would Drop you all a a little mix I did the other day, Take A Listen...

Battery Vol 2.

1. Good Times - Brazilian Girls (Diplo Remix)

2. Brooklyn Go Hard - Santogold (Medley Remix)

3. Hot - Big Gipp (Tresure Fingers Remix)

4. Cheap & Cheerful - The Kills (Fake Blood Remix)

5. Sex On Sax - Dub Deluxe (Destroy Disco Remix)

6. Run Around - Jason Tyler (Udachi Remix)

7. N.A.S.A Music - La Riots Remix

8. Jerk It - Thunderheist (Nasty Nav Remix)

9. Girl Thing - A1 Bassline (Pirate Soundsystem Remix)

10. Heartbroken - T2 Ft. Jodie Aysha

11. Pro Nails - Kid Sister (Rusko Remix)

12. Saw Something - Dave Gahan (Skream Remix)

- Mixed By DJ Battery

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So one of the most anticipated projects in my world is the Diplo/Switch reggae dancehall collab known as MAJOR LAZER.

They have worked with the whos who of the dancehall world and are currently in LA mixing down the record. This is the most recent leaked output from the project, Im still stoked but WTF????

Incase some of ya'll are unsure who Andy Milonakis is... wikipedia to the rescue

Andrew Michael Milonakis (born January 30, 1976,[citation needed] in Katonah, New York) is a Greek-American comedian[1] who played the role of a young boy on his television show, The Andy Milonakis Show, which was played on the MTV and MTV2 channels. He has a congenital growth-hormone condition that gives him the outward appearance and voice of a pre-adolescent boy.

Milonakis has started a non-profit organization for those suffering from his condition. The purpose of his organization is to increase awareness of this disease and to find newer and better treatments for the condition. The organization is called Andy's Hormonally Deficient Kiddos.[2]

Milonakis' fame began as an Internet phenomenon after he released home webcam recordings of freestyle rhyming, humor videos, and short films. Some of these include "Crispy New Freestyle" and "The Super Bowl Is Gay." Comedian Jimmy Kimmel later recruited him for regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live on television 2003–2004.

Milonakis was also featured in the 2005 film, Waiting..., and starred in the 2007 comedy Who's Your Caddy?. He has been a frequent co-host on the syndicated radio show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky[3] (from the radio station KROQ) since co-host Adam Carolla left in November 2005.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What a Tool

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.

- My friend Charles Darwin

A Monkey Wrench
This monkey has transformed himself into a tool in order to successfully adapt and survive in his increasingly urban environment.

A Gnarwhale

This gnarwhale has grown its own toothpick so it will never have messy teeth, thereby attracting more gnarwhaladies for reproduction, and securing the furtherance of its species.

A Human Being

We humans have nothing physically special about us, so we dance. I just wanted to share this short and sweet 15 minute mix that will hopefully help us do just that.

Hotspur Pop's Trans-Generational Tool Kit for Survival Mix

1. Doov (Bass Kleph’s Extra Bass Edit) – Ben Colin / Big Shit Poppin’ – T.I. (acapella)
2. Torcida Cumbia (Mightyfools Remix) – Chris James and Lee Dearn
3. Watching (Dubbel Dutch Mix) – Darling Farah / Everybody Move – Tech N9ne (acapella)
4. Let It Go – Rampage
5. Got U Dancin’ (Jack Beats Remix) – Lady Sovereign
6. Call It Love (Congorock Remix) – Keatch feat. Geths Noch / Radio Noise (Kelevra’s Jacked Up Remix) – Audio Slingers feat. Lesley Williams (vocal)
7. Heads Up! (Bloody Beetroots Remix) – Sound of Stereo
8. Pimp Jackson is Talkin’ Now (Dubbel Dutch Bootleg) – Loco Dice
9. Fire – Rampage / My Orange Vacuum Cleaner – Pette Vaydex
10. New Era (Kill The Noise Remix) – Retro Kidz
11. Sanctified – Mansion / Body & Soul (Kelevra Remix) – Jamie Fanatic
12. Run Around (Udachi Remix) – Jason Tyler / Turn It Up – Calvertron, Benga
13. And She Thinks You’re the Volatile One (Hotspur Pop’s IV, i, 28 Remix) – Kidz Having Fun / Everybody Move – Tech N9ne (acapella)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Rave in UK, 1992

I wonder where that girl is today.

Urban Hype - Feeling
Faze 2, 1992

Cobra Commander - Cobra Kicks! 09 Promo mix

Whats good yall! Its your man The Cobra Commander just wanting to share a little promo mix i did for ya, some tracks im feelin i hope you feel em too!
1.Kazey and Bulldog - for Da Real G's (French Fries remix)
2.Luckism - Shoot Dem Soundboy (Mikix the Cat remix)
3.Lazy Flow - Dont Stop
4.2 Live Crew - Party (two bit thugs rerub)
5.The Quemists - Dem Na Like Me (A1 Bassline remix)
6.Steedlord - You (Klever remix)
7.Clark Able - Lemonhead (Crookers remix)
8.Electric Soulside - Boccaccio
9.Fredrico Franchi - Cream (Arcade remix)
10.Kid Sister - Family Reunion (dem slackers remix)
11.Kidda - Smile (Detboi remix)
12.Kelevra feat whiskey pete - Clean Jeans
13.Boy 8 Bit - fog bank (jack beats remix)
14.Mustard Pimp oh la la satan (stereoheroes remix)

Cobra Commander - Cobra Kicks! 09 promo mix

Federation Sound

DJ Keeny Meez of Federation Sound out of Philly just put out a new mix for Diplos Mad Decent. Alongside Max Glazer they are runnin the dancehall scene out in Philly and around the world making regular appearances in JA at Asylum. Working with the whos who of dancehall music from serani, bugle, and assassin to aidonia, movado, and vybz kartel they've voiced them all. A serious sound doin it big, pay attention!



1. mad decent intro-federation sound
2. no sound like we (dubplate)-flippa mafia
3. bubble like soup (dubplate)-timberlee
4. sweep da floor (remix)-elephant man
5. got money/get money (remix)-mavado,vybz kartel
6. million by morning (remix)-vybz kartel
7. winner (remix)-konshens
8. life nice (remix)-vybz kartel
9. fallen soldiers (remix)-demarco
10. god nah sleep (remix)-demarco
11. sort dem out (remix)-demarco
12. unknown number (remix)-busy signal
13. lodge (dubplate)-bounty killer
14. gunny gunny-timberlee
15. no stress (dubplate)-timberlee
16. dead over you (dubplate)-natalie storm
17. crawny sound (dubplate)-tifa
18. back door delivery-timberlee
19. talk of town-tifa&natalie storm
20. look so hot-beenie man
21. its life-wayne wonder
22. overcome (remix)-mavado featuring martin luther king jr