Monday, April 11, 2011

Local Talent

Alright boys and girls heres a few tunes to check out from some of the local Edmonton producers. New tracks from Knight Riderz, Spenny B, and myself.

First off we got a new Knight Riderz remix! These guys are doin it BIG nowadays so if you LIKE then please support the artists and BUY THE MUSIC!!:D
Buy it now on Addictech:
Who Cares - Show Me Some Change (Knight Riderz Remix) by Knight Riderz

Next we have Spenny B's new flavour! A nice bouncy tune for your dancin' feet!

Pants Off Do It Do It (Original) by SpennyB

Finally a new one from MNG. It is hip hop/reggae meets bassline madness ;). This one is a freebie along with a bunch of others on the soundcloud page.

Deadly Zone (MNG's Zones of Bones Remix) - Bounty Killa ft. Mobb Deep by Mista Nyce Guy

Well I hope you enjoy the music we are all making and we will continue to try and please those ears every day!


Thursday, April 7, 2011


I will be venturing off to Shambhala for the very first time this year, and needless to say I am EXTREMELY excited. The lineups for all but the beach stage and living room stage have been announced. I figured I would share them with you all, incase any of you are attending and have yet to see, or perhaps to inspire you to purchase a ticket!

In the Fractal Forest I am most looking forward to A.Skillz and Kingdom

The Pagoda looks promising thanks to Mat the Alien, aka the multi genre turntable assassin, as well as Dj Audit, an artist I recently discovered via his moombahton track I.R Burial

In the Rock Pit you will find me dancing to the euphoric melodies of Bonobo, as well as jammin' to Foreign Beggars and Longwalkshortdock, who I had the pleasure of seeing in Victoria earlier this year.

The Village is sure to be pretty unreal. Being a lover of glitch hop, I am obviously stoked for Mim0sa, Samples, as well as Knight Riderz. As if that weren't enough...Dj Nu-mark of Jurassic 5, Dj Fresh, Flux Pavillion, Emotionz, and Zion I will be keeping my ears oh so happy. I'm really looking forward to Dub Fx, a unique artist who builds his own tracks through the power of his voice alone.

I'm not really familiar with most of the artists playing in the Labyrinth, but I will definitely be checking out David Starfire.

There you have it! My picks for Shambhala 2011. I am confident that I will return home with an appreciation for a ton of new artists as well. That being said, HOW MANY OF YOU ARE COMING!? WHO ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOST?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Heyo its mid-week hump day and I hope you're enjoying all of the fantastic tunes miss Chilli G has so generously shared with us! I thought I'd throw you a few mixes to keep you going through the rest of the week as well!

First off we got a nice chill mix from the homie P-Rex. Its about a month old now but still super fresh. A nice chillin mix to bump in the crib after a long night of destroying your eardrums, here is P-Rex's "Advil For Your Ears Vol. 2".

"Advil for Your Ears" mini mix Vol. 2 by P-Rex

Next we have a mix from your's truly! Take a little bit of dubstep, throw in a sprinkle of hip hop, and finish off with a topping of glitch. "MNG's Step'D Up Mix Vol. 2" will get your neck snapping, your head banging, and your face melting. Please use extreme caution when listening!

MNG's Step'D Up Mix Vol.2 by Mista Nyce Guy

Aaaaaaaaand last but not least I give you "ABSOLUT BANGERS VOL.1" by the homie DJ Ootz! The title says enough so my caution goes for this one too! You can catch Ootz, The Specialist, Ten-O, Spenny B, and me, MNG, every saturday at The Temple for your Dubstep/DnB/Bass Music fix!


More mixes from the fam next week!

Have a nyce day!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Medicine

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! If you're anything like me, mondays can be a little... uninspiring.
Have no fear though, I come to you equipped with a plan to combat the monday blues.
Every monday I'll be doing a post with a ton of tunes to get you through the week.
I'm not gonna waste any time with background info on these tunes, just the straight goods.
I feel guilty about saying "waste"... after all, learning about the artists is definitely essential sometimes,
but this post is dedicated to just straight MUSIC. No frills, no gimmicks, just a playlist for your week.
Hope you all enjoy it! HERE GOES.......

Lil More Luv by Kastle

Jazmine (Moombhangra) by David Heartbreak

Bang With Me (You Don't Wanna) by docadam

Crookers present Dr Gonzo - Bust 'em Up + Springer ( World Premier on Annie Mac BBC ) by

Seba & Paradox - As If by Critical Music

FD & Script - Sent Down by Critical Music

Hawaii [clip] by MJ Cole

Chase & Status "Blind Faith" REMIX [clip] by MJ Cole

Minotaur (Stephan Jacobs Remix) - Free DL by KRADDY

ps. if you like what you hear, I strongly urge you to support the artists and purchase the tracks when available. After all, without them our ears would be lonely and sad.

Until next time!