Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Billin for Japan!

If you're looking to contribute to a worthy cause, or you just enjoy great music, the homies at Top Billin have put together this mix, the proceeds of which go to aid those suffering in Japan. Here's the scoop:

“A while a go we had an opportunity to design a compilation exclusively for the Japanese market, that was supposed to come out in April this year. The idea was to make a compilation that would reflect us in 2011, including bits from our back catalogue as well as some unreleased exclusive gems. Our friend Nakura from Tokyo was doing his job as the project manager for this and his friend and our buddy, a DJ and producer named Eccy (awesome music btw) was also taking part in this project.

But as we all know Japan was hit with the most horrific disaster in their history, tearing down almost the whole country, leaving thousands dead and even more injured, homeless or without even food.

We sat in studio, watching the devastation on TV and wondered what could we do, we have friends there. On that very moment it was clear that we should use this compilation that was designed for Japan, to help Japan.

So now we’re giving it for you in exchange of small (or bigger, your choice) donation that will go directly to Red Cross Japan. We won’t take a penny, 100% goes directly to help the people in need in Japan. Why the Red Cross? Because with them you know money will go to those really in need. If Japan has enough money, then they will help people in Libya, so your money is never lost.

We read somewhere some bitter man’s comment that he won’t donate to Japan as their GDP (gross domestic product) is 33.100$ per person, that Japan does not need money. That’s bullshit, the devastation is so big, it will take Japan years to recover.

So join us, buy this compilation for as low as 1€ if you’re really broke, or if you got a paying job, maybe pay a bit more. You get dope tunes in exchange. We respect you for your willingness to help. Thank you, arigatou gozaimasu, kiitos.”

Big thanks to all the artists involved and Nakura, Eccy, stay strong.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Canadian Dubstep duo Zeds Dead recently appeared on Much Music for an interview as well as a set. While checking up on the Shambhala 2011 facebook group, I noticed that a discussion had been posted regarding their appearance. I was blown away at how many people were criticising the duo, saying that they were "selling out", and all kinds of rants about how dubstep should remain underground. While I, like anyone, liked when electronic music was underground... it's time to face the facts. The scene is blowing up, and who are we to criticise artists for taking up great opportunites to showcase their music!? I saw several comments stating that Much Music is mainstream garbage... which made me wonder why people weren't HAPPY to see Zeds Dead featured and glad to see less mainstream artists getting the attention that they deserve. To be honest it just seems like a bunch of hipsters who are cranky because something they enjoy has become popular and now they can't admit to liking it anymore.

The same goes for Rusko. I can't count how many times I've heard people complaining that he "sold out" by producing music for Britney Spears. Are you kidding me? Chase and Status have produced for Rihanna, Diplo and Afrojack have produced for Chris Brown, are they all sellouts too? It's not like Rusko collaborated with Britney on one of his own tracks. He simply helped her produce a better one, which if anything people should be happy about! With all this whining about how mainstream music sucks... you would think people would appreciate their favorite producers lending a helping hand to aid a suffering genre.

In the words of Dylan from Zeds Dead: "It was an honor to be on much music. Regardless of what their playing these days I was just happy for the opportunity. And for the hardcore haters: we went on national tv and played exactly what we wanted. There wasn't a song cut from our playlist. Eat a dick.."


Click here for the interview

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Act a Fool is just 2 weeks away!! In case for some BIZARRE reason you have yet to hear of this show, let me break it down for you. This will be a night of insanity featuring THE GLITCH MOB, DOORLY, DROP THE LIME, A.SKILLZ, NADASTROM, NASTYNASTY, SUBVERT, KNIGHT RIDERZ, BENNY PAGE, BREAKAGE, TC, FORT KNOX 5, SHAMIK, as well as ALL of your local favs! The night will include Vibe Tribe dancers, body painters, tarot card and palm readers, circus performers, carnival games, balloon animals, fire spinners, PK SOUND, and much, much more.

As if that weren't already enough, All Blown Up is offering you the opportunity to party like a dj...

Win 2 tickets to the show, plus a VIP Limo! re-post and share the ACT A FOOL VIDEO (link below) on your friends walls, other event listings, groups or like pages. Make a list of where you posted and e-mail it to Every re-post will get you an entry to the draw! The more reposts the better your chances of winning! Contest ends March 29th! and the draw will be made on MARCH 30th.


Good luck guys!!!

ps. Here's a lil' taste of what you're in for... Enjoy:)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay, so... I am slightly obsessed with Moombahton. I think the first Moombahton edit I ever heard was the Nadastrom Lydia remix, and although I loved the track I never took the time to search much deeper into the up and coming genre until I heard Toddla T's Radio 1 mix, which featured a special 1 hour Moombahton segment. I am happy to report that after embarking upon further investigation throughout these past couple of months... I have become completely immersed in the genre. I find that the mid tempo speed appeals to a much wider demographic than traditional house music, and that it is a lot easier to groove to in both a club environment and while listening at home.

Here's some of the gems I have discovered during my soundcloud Moombahunts...
ps. a lot of these tracks are nowhere near new, but with only a few thousand plays I can guarantee you won't be hearing them anywhere else all too often..

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix) (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) by Moombahton Movement

IMMIA (Ivan Rankic's Moombahton Edit) by Hej Zeus

Adele vs. Mashup Allstars - Rolling in the Deep (Platten-Karton's Moombahton Edit) by Platten-Karton

Afrojack - I'll Be There (DJ Hotsauce Moombahton Edit) by DJ Hotsauce

The Trust Feat. A-Mac - Sea Slide Galaxy by DJ A-Mac


Ragga Muffin by David Heartbreak



Majic (Moombahton Smutlee edit) by smutlee

Munchi - Hope by Munchi

Ludacris - The Potion (GTA Bootyton Mix) by GTA_

This is the start of something beautiful, people! VIVA MOOMBAHTON!

ps. If you like what you've heard peep Dave Nada's Tumblr, for the latest in Moombahton news/events/music >


Mim0sa is one of my favourite producers, but I must admit I had no idea that he had a new EP coming out. Imagine my surprise when I logged on to twitter this morning only to see a tweet from Mim0sa announcing that a new, FREE EP has been released! The EP - titled 58 Degrees - features 5 original tracks, all of which seemed to differ a little from his usual style. I was surprised when I played 'Block Party', which starts off as a drum and bass track and works it's way into a heavier dubstep feel about halfway through. It's always nice to see an artist move out of their comfort zone, but I have come to appreciate the melodic, crunk(for lack of a better word) feel that most Mim0sa tunes have to them, and to be honest some of the tracks on the EP (Stairway, for example) are a little more aggressive and head bangerish than I typically like to listen to.

But HEY, what do I know?!

Listen for yourself! << pick up the EP here

ps. my favourite tune is Fluorenscence, how about you guys??

Get Ready

HELLO! Just wanted to do a little post to announce that our priority for the next while is to focus
more on the blog. You can expect interviews, behind the scenes photos, recipes, as well as tons
more music, news, and best of all...babes. Keep your eyes pealed because BIG TINGS are coming.......

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Check out Fake Blood's Radio1 Mini Mix

Fake Blood will be in Edmonton Thursday March 17 (St. Patty's Day) @ The Starlite Room

Grab your tix here:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CLASSICK : Vol.1 Reggae

This is the first in a monthly post Im going to make called "CLASSICK" its like a class, thats sick, but not sick like ill... but ill like dope, get it???

Each week in "CLASSICK" Im going to bring you some classic knowledge on some of my favorite genres. We start with my heart, Reggae music, there is nothing like it to make you feel happy on even the worst of days!


Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. While sometimes used in a broader sense to refer to most types of Jamaican music, the term reggae more properly denotes a particular music style that originated following on the development of ska and rocksteady.

Reggae is based on a rhythmic style characterized by accents on the off-beat, known as the skank. Reggae is normally slower than both ska and rocksteady.Reggae usually accents the second and fourth beat in each bar, with the rhythm guitar also either emphasizing the third beat or holding the chord on the second beat until the fourth is played. It is mainly this "third beat", its speed and the use of complex bass lines that differentiated reggae from rocksteady, although later styles incorporated these innovations separately.