Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Battery Vol. 1 - "The Tickety Boo Mix"

Heres A little Club/Rave Mix I thought I would drop for yall to give a listen too, cleverly named the Tickety Boo Mix . Check it out....

- Battery Vol.1

1. Center Stage(Curses Remix)- Juiceboxx & Dre Skull

2. Toma is Stoopit(Dj Amen Edit) - Pitbull & Martin Brothers.

3. Hustler(Jesse Rose Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco

4. They Wanna Know(Jeansie Fix) - Adam Tensta

5. Sweat(XXXchange Remix) - Juiceboxx & Dre Skull

6. Me & My Man(Krazy Fiesta) - Chromeo

7. I Love You(Vanshe Remix) - I Am Finn

8. Here Comes The Sound - Degree & Battery

9. Sex Weed(Laidback Luke Remix) - Juice String

10. Hissi - Mockin Bird

11. I like it like that(Hump Day Project Remix) - Se:Sa

12. Lolipop(VinSol Remix) - Lil Wayne Ft. Static Major


Thursday, May 8, 2008

ROGER 72 & The Walk

Two DJs with a sound hugely inspired by the early Parisian scene where it all started with bands like Daft Punk and Casius. Now, a decade later, new names took over the scene like Justice, Uffie, SebastiaAn, Kavinsky Mr. Oizo, Teenage Bad Girl and of course label Kitsune. Besides all those Parisian party chrashers don’t be surprised if the Walk and Rogerseventytwo bring you some German Electro (Boys Noize, Digitalism etc), Favela Booty Beats, Baltimore Sound or even Michael Jackson.

With a friendschip longer than ten years old and a same taste and interest in music The Walk and Rogerseventytwo started to work together in the summer of 2004. Wasn’t that the time that the DJ scene needed a new boost with a new sound? Yes indeed! And those two were ready for it. With great support of captain Joost van Bellen they both had the honour to perform together twice with Uffie and Feadz at Holland’s filthiest party Rauw where they soon became residents. Soon gigs followed in the Netherlands, (Paradiso with Justice and Gildas from Kitsune label) Tjech Republic (Plastique), Paris (Elegangz) and London on the Tiger Trax Label night. Since then they have a diverse list of gigs in and outside the Netherlands.

2007 was the year that their baby WE LOVE… was born. Their own party night in one of the most outstanding clubs at this moment in the city off Amsterdam: The Flex Bar. Teenage Bad Girl, Les Petits Pilous, Aysam and Danger came to join the line-up in earlier successful editions. Also this year new upcoming dj and producer talent from abroad will be their guest once in every three months. Most of the time these artists are not to common with the majority of the crowd yet, this gives the WE LOVE… night an exclusive feeling with one security, the invited artists are always asked and scouted by The Walk and Rogerseventytwo themselves. And believe it or not, they know exactly what their doing!

Next to a being a DJ, Rogerseventytwo is also a producer. When he first started, his first inspiration came from music produced in the seventy’s. This period in time became a fascination while he was working on tracks that grasp the new French sound in a creative and innovative way. Curious? Here you find a list of tracks produced by Roger. And promise yourself one thing, make sure you’ll check these youngsters out; we’ll see you on the dance floor!

*MELOMANICS - COME ON (Rogerseventytwo Remix) | Black Label
*DJ DLG - PARAMOUNT (Rogerseventytwo Remix) | Huge Records
*YELLE - CE JEU (Rogerseventytwo Remix) | Unreleased
*JACKSON 5 - I WANT YOU BACK (The Walk & Rogerseventytwo Remix)| Heineken Refreshing Sounds
*CASSIUS - JACKROCK (Rogerseventytwo Remix) | Cassius Workshop
*SUPER COMMODORE - COLINE (Rogerseventytwo Remix) | Suesse Records

The Walk not only stands behind the decks with Rogerseventytwo. Next to a DJ he also is a great student. After finishing his study Psychobiology (what gave him the title Bachelor of Science), he is now studying medicines at the University of Amsterdam. He is willing to finish this study successfully and save some lives in the future.

Jungstar @ Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
Rauw @ Tivoli/Melkweg/Effenaar, Utrecht/Amsterdam/Eindhoven
We Love @Flex Bar, Amsterdam
Amstereo Galaxy @ Flex Bar, Amsterdam
Various parties @ Stalker, Haarlem
Genesis @ Paradiso, Amsterdam
Zonde @ Paradiso, Amsterdam
Club Nul @ Silly, Den Haag

Roger Seventy Two - MY SPACE

DJ DLG - Paramount (rogerseventytwo remix)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


If you haven't heard of Santogold by now, your hype machine is surely out of order. Since the tip-off of 2007, the 32-year-old Bed-Stuy resident, born Santi White, has toured with Björk, graced countless magazines in all her neon-leggings-with-frosted-jean-cutoffs-and-gold-door-knocker-earrings glory, and been hailed as the next M.I.A. Indeed, the two iconoclasts share more than a loud fashion sense: Santogold also calls Diplo and Switch her producers and makes genre-defying -- or, rather, genre-blending -- music.

With her eponymous debut's deft mix of dap, punk, rock, pop, house, reggae, and hip-hop, she won't completely live down associations with the famous Sri Lankan (whom she also counts as a friend), but the result emerges as much more than a mere imitation.

On "Creator" -- with drums thumping, helium-tight vocals squealing, and Atari-like noises chirping -- Santogold comes off as playfully braggadocious, making a declaration that defines the entire album: "Me, I'm a creator/ Thrill is to make it up/ The rules I break got me a place/ Up on the radar." Though nearly every track is laced with the chopped-synth sounds you'd expect from her production crew (also including John Hill, Disco D, and FreQ Nasty), the star attraction incorporates an impressive musical know-how gained as frontwoman for the short-lived indie-punk band Stiffed. "Lights Out" and "I'm a Lady" channel the Pixies with a punk-pop sound fueled by spare guitar plucks, simple drum patterns, and lyrics delivered in a talk-sing stutter with random falsetto breaks; the reluctant love song "My Superman" ("Well, you're a liar and your cues are all wrong/ But I can't count all the ways you woo me") and "Anne" go goth, with thick basslines burbling beneath the wobbly vocals and wolf howls.

But the music of the Philly native gets better as her influences get more muddled. She hits her stride in the hard-to-understand (due to gibberish lyrics and a faux West Indies accent) but impossible-not-to-move-to tracks like the single "L.E.S. Artistes" (which ironically lambastes downtown hipsters over a 1980s-meets-2000s mix of melodies), the island-bop feel of "Shove It," and "You'll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)." The latter is Santogold's biggest banger: Listening to the original sped-up ska version (track 2) and then encountering the same song ten tracks later with a completely different feel -- the rock instrumentation stripped away in exchange for sexy beats building on each other and fusing to Santi's isolated vocals -- proves that sometimes, hype happens for a reason.


Just incase you might need a slight bit more convincing heres a couple cuts from the LP that are on two very different tips. These happen to be my two favs, the rest of the LP falls somewhere between these two cuts.

MP3 - Santogold "I’m A Lady" (Feat. Trouble Andrew)

MP3 - Santogold "Creator"

as a bonus here her first proper music video for L.E.S. Artistes