Sunday, August 30, 2009


I didnt ever meet Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM. He came through my home town a couple times but played for other promoters and I didnt ever manage to have the night off. To be perfectly honest though I wasnt a particularly huge fan. Not to say I didnt recognize his immense talent but he just wasnt one of those guys I was really into. For turntablism I had always pegged Craze, track selection Z Trip and Numark really impressed, over all energy I tipped my hat to Dave Nada, and technical wizardry I would point in the direction of the boys from Glitch Mob.

HOWEVER I feel this loss has resonated or should resonate with every person who has ever touched a turntable or thought of DJing. DJ AM broke down walls that some of todays would be super star DJ's didnt even know existed. He literally brought the art of turntablism and party rocking into bedrooms and studios across the world. In the words of ATRAK " AM broke down barriers for other DJs. Just a few years back, playing in the celebrity circles where every time he scratched and every time he played a record from “our scene”, something a bit more underground or left-field, he opened his audience’s ears and eventually opened the doors for the DJs and producers whose tracks he was playing. This had a tremendous impact for us and the rest of the world." More then ever before DJing was not only "cool" but now alongside that came with a viable income that didnt come at the price of selling your soul. In addition to that, the music he was playing was being heard and accepted on such a vast scale at the heights of pop culture that he undoubtedly helped to changed music forever. Your dad's favorite oldie was now back to back with your favorite hiphop or house track of the moment all on stages that were exposed to the world. Although he didnt have one defining moment that changed the musical landscapes of the planet his life as a whole did. No matter what your thoughts are on DJ AM one thing is certain, had he not lived it would have been a detriment to anyone who had ever enjoyed DJing on any level.

This is the last release I was sent with his name attached to it...

MP3: Gladiator [Steve Aoki & DJ AM Remix]

Rest In Peace - Adam Michael Goldstein
March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009

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