Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When does something become so eastern it's western?

This is a ditty by LH1 out of Manchester. A growing hot bed of Dubstep that's leading the charge of artists coming from central and northern England; Look out London. LH1 seems to be a bit of a sleeper with his World-Dubstep beats, but judging by the number of Soundcloud comments he's received, definitely one to look out for in the near future.

LH1-Moving Moments by LH1

Now, your probably wondering who this new face on the blog might be. Well, I'm your friendly, neighborhood Ten-O. One of the newer members of the Oh Snap family, but really a techno-klutz that never quite learned how to sign on and operate a blog. (I know. It seems easy now)

In the future, I look to provide this blog with perspective on the burgeoning bass scene. A look at Glitch and IDM, as well as new directions in Dubstep and DnB.