Tuesday, June 29, 2010

B. Trait's Digital Soundboy Mix

Yumm0! The blonde blunt banged bombshell DJ B. Traits just dropped a mix packed full of juicy tracks from the Digital Soundboy label. For those who don't know, Digital Soundboy was founded by Shy FX in 2005 for one purpose only - to release music he likes, and he likes a lot of drum & bass. Personally I've been a fan of Digital Soundboy from the second it was formed and have been listening to their sporadic podcasts for years. It's beautiful to see a new mix coming out from them, full of old and new tracks to skank to.

Check out a recent article on Digital Soundboy here

My favourite sad but true quote from the article:
"People have to come and give D&B a kick up the arse. I don't think D&B is dead by the way, I just think people have got a bit lazy with it." - Shy FX

Time to step it up a notch, producers!

Riot Music - Donaeo
Riot Music (Skream Remix) - Donaeo
Burning Up - Skream
Memories of 3rd Base - Skream
My Pet Monster - Caspa
Pan Pipes - Benny Page
Rain - Breakage
Justified - Breakage
Together (ft. David Rodigan) - Breakage
Hard (ft. Newham Generals & David Rodigan) - Breakage
Little Bits - Benga
Speachless (ft. Donaeo) - Breakage
Open Up - Breakage
Step Out - Benny Page
Trigger Finger - Benny Page
Stop Watching - Benga
Floor Dem - Caspa
Make if Funky For Me (Rusko Remix) - Attacca Pesante
Make it Funky For Me (ft. Shea Soul) - Attacca Pesante
Feelings - Shy FX & T Power
Change - Visionary
Hustlin - Visionary
Bashment Boogie VIP - Benny Page
Urban Tribe - Benny Page
Fever - Benny Page & Zero G
Gangsta (ft. Spyda) - Benny Page
Turn Down The Lights - Benny Page
Can't Test VIP - Benny Page
Can't Test - Benny Page
Musical Heatwave - Benny Page
On The Run (ft. David Boomah) - Shy FX
Under Surveilance - Benny Page
Rub A Dub - Benny Page
Everyday (ft. Top Cat) - Shy FX & T Power
Everyday (Chase & Status Remix) - Shy FX & T Power
Badness - Visionary
Creeping Dub - Heist & Studio 12
Green Destiny - Loxy
Miss Nobody - Vapor
Fantasia - DJ Fresh
Time Moves On - Marky & S.P.Y.
Armshouse - Gremlinz
Havanna - Vicious Circle
The Gift and Curse - Loxy
Promises Promises - Vapor & Jem One
Riff Raff - Marky & S.P.Y.
Jaguar Technique - Serum
Sunburn -
Near Miss - System
Bambaata (Break Remix) - Shy FX
Hold It - System
So Good - 8 Bits (Spinback & S.P.Y)
Heavyweight - DJ Fresh
Shaku - Lynx & Maple
Storyboard - Loxy
Untitled Dub - G Swift
Cage - System
Thoughtless - Calibre
Trip It - Calibre
Thought Reform - System
Stowaway - Rockwell
Tempa (ft. Kemo) - Breakage
Plastic Soul (D Bridge Remix) - Shy FX
Run Em Out (ft. Roots Manuva) - Breakage
No Sanction - Heist
Stupid (ft. Roses Gabor) - Redlight

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