Friday, June 4, 2010

Grind Time - Dizaster

Grind Time is the world's number hiphop/rap battle league. I admittedly slept on this whole scene/league for a min but after Skribble Jam went south these hommies kept it all rollin. They have turned Grind Time into the single biggest player in the game of hiphop battles. If you happened to follow SJ things have changed a bit since but these are some serious battles. Im going to do a few features on some of the more note worthly and prolific characters from this scene, trust me theres alot of them.

Dizaster hails from LA and has that city along with many more around the world on lock. Hes simply is one of the best in the game, check the footy below and see for yourself!

Dizaster slays the former king of SJ Thesaurus

One of my favorite battles with Dizaster. This was a close one!

Drop into 2010 on NYE impromt to battle due to a no show from Jin [look it up].

2010 diz still killin it.