Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Night, Feelin' Alright

With the first two days of the newly minted winter term behind me, and having had a chance to "scope shit out" academically (profs, travel times between buildings, and other small things that only I care about), I can say with 86% certainty that the next three months will be far superior to the last three. New MacBook in hand, notebooks still unsullied, I am poised to enter a new era of balance; 12-hour days sitting in a dank library with poor interior design are looking like a thing of the past. At least until next week, when everything starts "for serious", there will be a noticeable bounce in my step. These tracks have been helping out:

Fantastic Lover (Kingdom Remix) - Johnny Moog

Vem Que Tem feat. Marina (Lorenz Rhode Rmx) - Schlachthofbronx vs. Lorenz Rhode

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