Thursday, January 7, 2010

SOUTH RAKKAS - Stimulus Package

What a massive treat to punch off 2010! South Rakkas Crew released their album The Stimulus Package for free yesterday on Diplo’s Mad Decent label (download it here). Ive been a huge fan of South Rakkas for a minute and have toured extensively with Mr. Dow Jones. While on tour he played me a few of these jams in their earlier stages and I have been on the edge of my seat since. When I got the word this was dropping for a super sweet price of $0 I was blown away. This is truly a gift and this whole LP is top quality from start to finish.

South Rakkas have gained the most of their love for their blazing dancehall riddims (“Clappas,” “Red Alert,” “Bionic Ras," “Chinkuzi”, and the previous Mad Decent effort "The Mix UP") and Stimulus Package doesn’t disappoint on the digital riddim tip at all. With vocal drops from the likes of Capleton, Serocee, Zulu and Mr. Agony, this is the best post-modern dancehall album to date. Some might claim Major Lazer but this is future dancehall at it best, hands down. “So It Go” with Serocee is stright murderous and as Serocee says "South Rakkas, anything that clash we must be crackers"! However dancehall isn’t the only look here — South Rakkas cover the whole spectrum of electronic grooves here, boasting depth that most dancehall producers have trouble wrapping their head around. There are tracks featuring the surprising likes of Australian electro-indie hype band Grafton Primary and Satomi Matsuzaki of indie-noise iconoclasts Deerhoof, deep!. Then they flip Mylo’s “Drop The Pressure” into a dutty dancehall riddim on “Dance Wid We” and “Like U Like” is definitely on some Justicey type ish, which I know Dow Jones has a big weak spot for! At the end of the day though this diversity shouldn’t be at all surprising from producers who can flex from Beenie Man and Bounty Killer one moment, T-Pain the next, and then on to the likes of Lily Allen, Beck, Duran Duran, Kelis, Tricky, and Yo Majesty. This is truly future of dutty funky electro clad riddims.

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