Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Crookers Gone Done It.

After hints and hints of the Crookers dropping the heavy, it finally happened. The tempo got cut in half. Almost. Or if you like to make the heavy, sped up. Just a little. They made a dubstep tune, and put it up for everyone to admire. Now if the tune were a bit better, had a bit more beef, a little less whoop whoop and something that I could actually hear on a soundsystem other than what I might expect to find in Ibiza, I might not mind the video. Does that guy know anything about hunting? Any time I see anyone wearing full camo in the midst of rifle season I can only ask, aren't they worried about the retarded Dick Cheney yokel around the corner that plans to bag any animal possible and is going to shoot whatever moves more than once? Or are they the Dick Cheney motherfucker? Anyways, away from the trigger happy fellers out in the ol' coun'ry- I'm glad that names such as the Crookers are sporting the heavy. It's good for music, the scene and quite frankly I love dubstep. So let's end off on one of their better notes:

Big up Kozee and DZ.

Big up Chase and Status.

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