Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Canadian Dubstep duo Zeds Dead recently appeared on Much Music for an interview as well as a set. While checking up on the Shambhala 2011 facebook group, I noticed that a discussion had been posted regarding their appearance. I was blown away at how many people were criticising the duo, saying that they were "selling out", and all kinds of rants about how dubstep should remain underground. While I, like anyone, liked when electronic music was underground... it's time to face the facts. The scene is blowing up, and who are we to criticise artists for taking up great opportunites to showcase their music!? I saw several comments stating that Much Music is mainstream garbage... which made me wonder why people weren't HAPPY to see Zeds Dead featured and glad to see less mainstream artists getting the attention that they deserve. To be honest it just seems like a bunch of hipsters who are cranky because something they enjoy has become popular and now they can't admit to liking it anymore.

The same goes for Rusko. I can't count how many times I've heard people complaining that he "sold out" by producing music for Britney Spears. Are you kidding me? Chase and Status have produced for Rihanna, Diplo and Afrojack have produced for Chris Brown, are they all sellouts too? It's not like Rusko collaborated with Britney on one of his own tracks. He simply helped her produce a better one, which if anything people should be happy about! With all this whining about how mainstream music sucks... you would think people would appreciate their favorite producers lending a helping hand to aid a suffering genre.

In the words of Dylan from Zeds Dead: "It was an honor to be on much music. Regardless of what their playing these days I was just happy for the opportunity. And for the hardcore haters: we went on national tv and played exactly what we wanted. There wasn't a song cut from our playlist. Eat a dick.."


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