Friday, March 18, 2011


Mim0sa is one of my favourite producers, but I must admit I had no idea that he had a new EP coming out. Imagine my surprise when I logged on to twitter this morning only to see a tweet from Mim0sa announcing that a new, FREE EP has been released! The EP - titled 58 Degrees - features 5 original tracks, all of which seemed to differ a little from his usual style. I was surprised when I played 'Block Party', which starts off as a drum and bass track and works it's way into a heavier dubstep feel about halfway through. It's always nice to see an artist move out of their comfort zone, but I have come to appreciate the melodic, crunk(for lack of a better word) feel that most Mim0sa tunes have to them, and to be honest some of the tracks on the EP (Stairway, for example) are a little more aggressive and head bangerish than I typically like to listen to.

But HEY, what do I know?!

Listen for yourself! << pick up the EP here

ps. my favourite tune is Fluorenscence, how about you guys??

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