Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Afrojack got jacked!

Fresh from Twitterland [yes that is now one word] heres some news I found very interesting that Im also super stoked on. So most of us know that a young guy named AFROJACK wrote a tune called "How I Like It" with Diplo and the drums and certain other pieces of the MAJOR LAZER joint "Pon Di Floor" feat. Vybz Kartel are directly from that tune. I woke up to check things out in the land of tweets and was amped to finally see someone calling out Downtown Records for not giving cred where cred is due. Heres the story directly from Afrojack and hes not to happy about being jacked this time around.

Here the full story in english so the bloggers from the rest of the world can also understand.

Diplo mails Afrojack;"love your stuff, you wanna hook up when im in holland".

Afrojack mails back while thinking "omg dats diplo mofoo damnnn";"ok"

Diplo comes to holland, in my home studio when i was still living with my mother, i pick him up in amsterdam, we start making music, my mom makes saurkraut (zuurkool) for us.

we go crazy in the studio and we made "How I Like It", later he says he really needs to use different vox on it for the album, so no stress, i send him the parts (remember we made it in Spijkenisse).

He mails me back with vox from vybz kartel over it, but keeping the "pon di floor" from the "how i like it" vox.

I'm cool i'm no troublemaker so i say what u want but ill keep playing this version, we make plans for exclusive extra release with the "how i like it" vocals for ONLY holland because i love my (yay), eventually that didn't work out because the label didn't really care for me.

Diplo did on the other hand because wherever you see "Major Lazer ft. Afrojack" this is the guy that arranged that.

The label on the otherhand (Thank you Downtown) thought hmmm "Major Lazer ft. Afrojack & Vybz Kartel - Pon Di Floor"...
it's too long, u know afrojack? i don't know afrojack, is it important prolly not.

Boom, they leave it out almost everywhere and i get fucked because i've been hyping our track and talking and it gets released without my name so i look like an ass.

And thats where we are now, I wrote this because i talked to luke last night (laidback luke, really good guy) and he told me about this..

for anyone who still wonders, don't make it that bad that i have to put up a fkin youtube video of me playing you the .FLP file (yes people fruity loops 8 XXL, as real el canario would say, BEAT THAT).

I'm out


Incase you didnt know or have never thought to compare...

MP3: Diplo & Afrojack "Thats How I Like It"
MP3: Major Lazer FEATURING AFROJACK & Vybz Kartel "Pon Di Floor"

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