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RDX - Bend Over!

There's no questioning the immense talent of the duo RDX. Since January 2007, the high-energy performing duo has worked up a storm among teenagers and young adults, introducing dance routines in a song, and dance moves in the dancehall.

Renegade X and Delomar X, who comprise dancehall/reggae duo RDX, are pursuing their dream and have successfully taken their brand of music to the ears and hearts of fans locally. They are working assiduously to positively impact the international market in similar fashion.

RDX brings their explosive style of music to the dancehall game. Carlton Williams (Renegade X) and André Bedward (Delomar X) were formerly known as Xsytment and delivered hot songs like 2 Tha Haters,BumBum and I Don't Trust You. Xsytment made quite a name within the dancehall circles, having the song I Don't Trust You topping the charts in the Bahamas and peaking at number 17 on the UK's Echoes charts in 2004.

Don't hate

2 Tha Haters hit the top 10 on the same chart a year earlier.

Internal differences caused the group to downsize from a trio to a duo, and since then they have released singles such the hilarious Khaki on the Fresh Ear label and Friday, a major hit in Japan and parts of Europe.

Renegade X, the deejay of the duo is also an established beat-maker, creating hit tracks such as the Chrome rhythm for South Block/VP Records, which bore chart-toppers like In Her Heart by Capleton and Jiggy by Elephant Man.

Rhythm catalogue

Renegade's catalogue also includes the 'Dutty Landlord' 'Summer Bounce' rhythms, the latter of which featured a hit of the same name by Elephant Man.

After taking themselves out of the limelight for a few months and reassessing their strategy, Xsytment decided that the next step forward was to reinvent themselves with all the perks; a new sound, new image and a new perspective. Thus, RDX was born.

The change immediately had a positive impact, with the release of hot new songs such as Four Q and Cartoon, Renegade X kept his drum machine
thumping, and created another popular rhythm called the 'Jumpoff riddim'. Again, another hit single was brought to the fore by popular dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel entitled Realest Thing. Renegade then created Stamma and Stain with Beenie Man's hit Swing it Wey, before taking another break.

RDX took time out then to concentrate on promoting themselves in the streets before returning once again to the studios to produce Bling Dawg's hit song Roll upand Dance on the very energetic 'Bembe rhythm' for their current Apt. 19 label. The uptempo song created a frenzy within the dancehall and just about everywhere else dancehall music is played.

Always in the streets, RDX became a household name campaigning and promoting themselves in rural parishes and by visiting inner-city communities daily to interact with community members and dancers alike.

MP3: RDX - Bend Over

MP3: RDX - Bend Over [DJ Nezz Remix]

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