Friday, December 5, 2008

MIA: preggers and still killin it

After hearing MIA had announced her "retirement" in June, her realms of fans were shocked. Shortly after this “Paper Planes” exploded on the strength of its placement in the trailer for the Seth Rogen stoner comedy Pineapple Express. The song took hold in rap circles, and remixes by Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Freeway, and 50 Cent soon appeared. Then Kanye sampled her voice for the chorus of the colossal posse cut “Swagga Like Us.” So it was official: M.I.A. was finally rap-certified. But we didn’t hear from her until she resurfaced for Diesel’s 30th Anniversary concert in Brooklyn, N.Y., on October 11—with a beautiful bulging belly! Looks like that sabbatical was more like a maternity leave. She is expecting the baby with her fiancé, the Exit lead singer Ben Brewer. Looks like my girl is back, with one in the oven! And still killin' it twice as hard!

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