Sunday, November 30, 2008


Im not usually one to post, write, or care about things that are just simply bad. This however is sooo bad it is somehow worthy of a post.

After seeing this video I was actually intrigued enough to do a little research about these little dudes "Brokencyde". First off the bands name, was there a possible worse choice??? They have officially made the word "crunk" wack in every sense. They actually do tour and they do shows that people pay to get into ... all over the world! They have over 150,000 friends on myspace. This is so messed up to me!


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Kelk said... it's like they are trying so hard to be emo... yet they're trying so hard to be crunk... horrible! The guy in the pink keeps checking his hair too... fuck, indeed. These guys should burn, they are everything I despise in the industry.

Love the new look by the way