Friday, November 14, 2008


FAKE BLOOD - Edmonton AB Canada - Dec.19 @ THE PAWN SHOP

Yes this is real. The musical mystery monster known as Fake Blood will be touching down in Edmonton at the Pawn Shop on Dec.19. This is one of the more highly anticipated shows this year and a great way to cap off 2008. Heres the skinny....

FAKE BLOOD [ Cheap Thrills, Mad Decent, Domino - UK ]

Who is FAKE BLOOD? No one really knows, but a Man Named Sang has become one of the biggest party/club sensations out there. His self-description says it all, what more could you ask for? “I MAKE MUSICAND I TAKE YOUR MUSIC AND DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT. IF SWALLOWED SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. WILL STAIN CLOTHES. WILL SOUND SPECTACULAR. ” He has dropped bomb after bomb remixing some of the scenes best Kid Sister, South Rakkas, and Black Ghosts. Plus his original material has become anthems of the current times, including the massive MARS backed with Splashing Blood! His music has been featured in sets by Crookers, Errol Alkan, Pete Tong, Herve, Sinden, Bassnectar, MSTRKRFT, Deadmau5, Diplo, Steve Aoki, ZTrip and pretty much every other relevant DJ. Any questions?

Here is the newest offering from Fake Blood

MP3 - Hot Chip "Touch Too Much" [Fake Blood Remix]

This is one of my favorite remix's by mr. blood.

MP3 - South Rakkas "Mad Again" [Fake Blood Remix]

This of course one of the big anthems of this past summer and still living on to murder dance floors everywhere


here is an interesting little bit of info straight from fake blood head quaters

"Ok... I need to clear something up.

People seem to think that when I do a remix, I ask the artist to record the words "Fake Blood" so I can use that in the track.

That's NOT how I do it.

In every remix I have done, the words "Fake Blood" are created by me chopping up the ORIGINAL acapella, and assembling the words with individual vowel and consonant sounds...
No new vocals are used, only the same one heard in the original song.

And yes, even the Little Boots one was done like that.

x "

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