Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In the past I must admit Ive completely slept on Mr. Juan Mac Lean. So having not been a huge fan of Juan Maclean prior to I had no idea what to expect when the buzz around "Happy House" started to surface. This track is just what the name says, happy house. The piano line in this tune instantly puts a smile on your face and if it doesnt you have no heart. This track is a true master piece.

From The Juan Mac Lean himself...

"I have finished a new album that will be coming out sometimes in the Spring/Summer of 2008. It is called . Before that, though, a 12" called Happy House is coming out on March 4, 2008. Already advance orders are selling out, so be sure to be on top of the ball and get one on the first go round. I imagine it will be available through the usual download channels. Not just the free ones that everyone uses, a practise that ensures that i never recieve a dime for any of this, but also through iTunes. I had this idea that if like 100,000 people bought it when it came out then i would be number one in the charts that week, but then someone told me that was unrealistic because the song is actually like 12 minutes long and it would take too long for 100,000 downloads to happen. But we can try.
Happy House is a piano house type thing featuring Nancy Whang on the vocals, Nick Minllhiser (who you know from the Juan MacLean band, electro percussionist) on the drums, bass, and percussion, and Alex Frankel (who you also know from the Juan MacLean band as a keyboardist) on the keyboard, a piano and a Wurlitzer. This is a sound that very much reflects the years of touring we did for Less Than A Human, the first LP. Which brings me to the new LP, .
' ' will be released some time in the spring or summer of 2008. It is very reminiscent of the Juan MacLean live show. Much more of a live sound than A Lesser Human. Also, there it is much more vocal oriented, with lots of vocal presentation by Nancy and Juan. Sometimes Alex does a falsetto. Touring with the band will commence in the spring. It will be pretty much as before, except the full time addition of Nancy and Alex. We will be playing everywhere in the world, even in the Orient this time. Probably not Arabia though, unless stuff gets better there. Other than that we will be everywhere. 2008 will be Juan's year finally. The pope is calling it the year of forgiveness."

while waiting for the LP to drop do your ears a favor and go purchase "Happy House"

or listen to this version in super hi definition top quality 64Kbps audio first, then go purchase "Happy House"

MP3 - The Juan Mac Lean "Happy House"

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solakov said...

this is a nice song, but it's really just a poor man's version of "dubtribe sound system - do it now"

exact same chords, similar bassline, but dubtribe does it with class and soul ... don't get me wrong, i like juan maclean, but dude's track is re-hash, whether he realizes it or not


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