Monday, April 11, 2011

Local Talent

Alright boys and girls heres a few tunes to check out from some of the local Edmonton producers. New tracks from Knight Riderz, Spenny B, and myself.

First off we got a new Knight Riderz remix! These guys are doin it BIG nowadays so if you LIKE then please support the artists and BUY THE MUSIC!!:D
Buy it now on Addictech:
Who Cares - Show Me Some Change (Knight Riderz Remix) by Knight Riderz

Next we have Spenny B's new flavour! A nice bouncy tune for your dancin' feet!

Pants Off Do It Do It (Original) by SpennyB

Finally a new one from MNG. It is hip hop/reggae meets bassline madness ;). This one is a freebie along with a bunch of others on the soundcloud page.

Deadly Zone (MNG's Zones of Bones Remix) - Bounty Killa ft. Mobb Deep by Mista Nyce Guy

Well I hope you enjoy the music we are all making and we will continue to try and please those ears every day!


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