Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unlimited Gravity - One to Watch

Unlimited Gravity AKA Ronnie Weberg is an up and coming glitch hop producer from Denver, Colorado. I discovered him a few months ago and have been particularly impressed by him as of late. He first caught my interest with his 7 track compilation 'All Day Every Day'. When it comes to Unlimited Gravity you can expect crisp, clean production quality, rich melodic texture, a bassline that bangs and his characteristic synths that make the tracks instantly memorable. Plus all his tunes are at least 5 minutes long which is DOPE because I never want them to end..

ANYWHO, enough talking, get to listening. Here's his latest compilation:
Secondary Dominant by Unlimited Gravity

Annnnnnd here's one of his past compilations:

make sure to cop it if you're diggin' what you hear :) My faves are "All Those Little Things" and "Heimerneimer"

Until next time!


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