Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's always morning somewhere...

So here we are on a balmy Saturday morning... Well, it's actually kinda chilly and about 3am local time.

For the rest of you slackers who are waking up around 10am in our fair city to a cut scene from Silent Hill. ( Feel free to rejoice in the sweet anthems of Grafix.

I was introduced to this phenomenal producer by his collaborations with Fred V; Liquid DnB seems to be a sure fire item around the Oh Snap boys these days and Fred V seems to have been pivotal in anchoring the sound in our hearts.

Expect big things towards the end of this year from the collaborations of Fred V and Grafix. They are proof that Liquid is packing serious heat beyond Camo, Krooked and Netsky.

This track packaged with "One of these Days" is shaping up to be my most anticipated release of the fall. Watch out!

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