Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Mixture

The weekend has come to an end. Big thanks to everyone who made it out to the Dubstep vs. Jungle show at starlite featuring 16 bit! The night was a huge success and the Oh Snap crew threw it down as always!! Now for some new beats to make monday seem a little sweeter!

Magnetic Man did an essential mix for Radio1 the other day. It's a little heavy for my taste at times.. but there are definitely some quality tracks in it as well. Anyway, take a listen and decide for yourself what you think!

Magnetic Man Radio 1 Essential Mix July 24, 2010 (hotfile download)

Moving along.. we have a two sided mixtape from French electro producer Brodinski. Have yet to listen to the electro side, but the hip hop side is dope. Read the description below!

"Brodi’s newest endeavour is ‘The Best Of Everything’, a two-paged love letter to music delivered in the shape of a free mixtape. On side B, the natural born DJ delivers a hard-hitting techno set, showing of his finesse and seemingly effortless flexibility. On side A, however, we hear him furiously cutting and pasting between hip-hop and old school rap – this collaboration with his good friend DJ Orgasmic shows a different side of the so-called techno prodigy. “I love hip-hop, there’s so much good productions coming out, every day I discover something exciting"

BEST OF EVERYTHING - 'The Hip Hop Side' by BRODINSKI & DJ ORGASMIC by brodinski-boe

BEST OF EVERYTHING - 'The Electro Side' by BRODINSKI by brodinski-boe

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looooving this remix at the moment :)