Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ring the Alarm: This Panda's a Smart-Ass

This poor guy was mugged by a panda in the '90s.
Nobody was around to properly ring the alarm.
Now his jacket smells.
Thank you, Sidney Samson.
Ring the Alarm - Sidney Samson, Ilker Akay


Understand this Groove (Tommie Sunshine/Barletta Edit) - Sound Factory

Highly Explicit (Brodinski Remix) - Mixhell

De Nada (Aniki's Thank U Very Much Mix) - Jo Kira

Proof that the French and Americans are back on good terms after Sam had his little "Freedom Fries" incident:
DREvolution 909 (DJ Motherfucking Edge and James Delay Mashup) - Daft Punk vs. Dr. Dre

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