Friday, May 1, 2009

A Selection for Your Night-Swim Home

Wet Cars
A big fan of the night-drive, I've been told many times, usually by hoarse-voiced and slumped-over friends: "Dude, this iPod is a fucking seamless soundtrack to everything passing by my window." The bums are out, crowds are thinning, and some poor saps are desperately loading Pukey McGee into the back of a cab.
A remix of the '92 gem, Renaissance Man builds the original riff until a foghorn-esque groan signals the arrival of a simple, throbbing kick with its own crackling energy. Complete with children's laughter and a non-threatening, side-to-side rhythm.
Idiotproof takes on Canadian duo Thunderheist with a remix that never loses its finespun bounce, Isis' vocals cut into 3-word statements and laced in for emphasis.
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