Thursday, January 22, 2009

Steed Lord: Theres More to Iceland than Bjork and Volcanoes

Maybe I missed the memo but in the last two months I've really come to love this group Steed Lord and I think I should tell you a little bit about them so you will love them too!
Steed Lord consists of the Icelandic foursome M.E.G.A, Kali, Demo and AC Bananas. Four fresh young talents out of New Crack City, Iceland. Together they manage to make up their own genre of electronic music. Pure homemade Icelandic electro with filthy beats, killer melodies, heavy vocoding & dirty synths. In less than a year, Steed Lord has exploded onto the international scene, constantly killing it with their amazing live performances. And since 2007 Steed Lord has without a record deal performed all around Europe and North America, been remixed by legends like DJ Mehdi, Crookers, Mano & DJ Klever and appeared on more blogs, mixtapes and in more magazines than you could imagine. They embarked on their first US tour summer 2008 supporting Chromeo for their west coast tour and Does It Offend You,Yeah? in San Francisco as well as headlining their own shows in over 10 cities. Performing at the hottest clubs in Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, Las Vegas and totally blowing peoples minds everytime. Steed Lord are known for putting all their energy into their live shows and to see them live is an experience you will never forget. They are not afraid to experiment with sounds and vocals live and are always pushing themselves to bring something new to their set everywhere they go. What sets them apart from a lot of other bands is that Steed Lord have also been recognized as talented designers. The proof came when they worked with the retail giant H&M last year. From that collaboration came the Steed Lord/H&M clothing line that was sold in over 52 countries. And with more live shows coming up, the long-awaited debut album Truth Serum coming out and even a clothing line on the way, it is crystal clear Steed Lord are an unstoppable force to be reckon with.
(taken from the Steed Lord official bio)

Steed Lord - Dirty Mutha (Crookers Remix)
Steed Lord - Its What Do to Me (Jack Beats Remix)

And as an added Bonus here is some Steed Lord remixes from one of Oh Snaps favorite Djs Klever who will be joining us on January 30 at New City (alongside yours truly and many other super fresh individuals) to celebrate Mister Degrees 46th birthday

Steed Lord - You (Klever Remix)
Steed Lord - Bucket of Blood (Klever Remix)

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