Sunday, July 20, 2008

NYC Heavy Bass Champion.

So Shambhala Music Festival is coming up here pretty quick. And I'm really stoked to check out all of the music. One person in particular who I will be sure to check out will be Drop the Lime aka. Cruses or Luca Venezia’s. Coming out of Brooklyn New York playing an evolved style, re-appropriating breakcore, bassline house, rave, jungle and dubstep, unforgettably touched with Luca’s own original vocals. Recent remixes for Moby, Robyn, Blaqstarr, Health Disco, Midnight Juggernauts and Infants have fuelled the blaze... However Curses! is different to DTL, but still relies heavily on cheesey high-pitched-chipmunk vocals diced up, but now alongside infectious glitchy electro. Furthermore Curses! is signed to the Parisian electro label Institubes, a label that has come to command some real respect - home to Surkin, Bobmo, High Powered Boys, Midnight Juggernauts, Para One and Orgasmic.


The Suspense is Killing Me(Drop The Lime Remix)

What I need - Curses!

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