Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A TRAK fixes his beeper


So A-Trak was here two weeks ago and killed it! He dropped bomb after bomb of electroish fidgety wobble hipster house and cut, juggled, and scratch all the while. However there were some disappointed folks in the house who came to feast on some hiphop and only got a taste. One guy was so vexed and unwilling to get down with the party that he decided to walk to the front thumbs down in the air and booed A-Trak. Granted it was a bit linear after a bit it was still a wicked party and a good show. Some cats obviously havent been keeping up with A-Trak and his dealings as of late.

In other A-Trak related news I saw this today via super duper blog PALMS OUT SOUNDS

"A-Trak sent this over today with this note:
Hello sir- As you know I did a remix for Count & Hello Sinden's "Beeper". Unfortunately when the label got it mastered there was an error and the engineer cut off the first second of my track. By the time Domino let me hear it, it was already on promo cds circulating and even though they fixed it for the commercial release, that's the version that got on all the blogs. Here's the correct version of my track. It's easy to hear the difference: it starts with a kick drum. If you could let people know that they probably have a defective one and encourage them to download this one, that would really help... thanks!
So to all of you who downloaded this from the blogs, your version's broked!! Get the fixed one.
Count & Sinden - "Beeper" (A-Trak Remix) FIXED VERSION."

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