Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All These Beautiful Girls

Bet you thought this was gonna be a post about Sean Kingston, well OH SNAP! your wrong!

The influx of wonderful female talent in the last little while has been very pleasing for my audio experiences. Theres a few names that come to mind right away and those are who Ill will be featuring here. A few of them that Ive featured on here in the past but anyone of them is worth a re mentioning or two or five.

Lykke Li - myspace
Lykke Li "Im Good Im Gone"

Estelle - myspace
MP3 - Estelle ft. Kanye West "American Boy"

Lexi Lee - myspace
MP3 - Lexi Lee "Warlords Daughter Acapella"

Santo Gold - myspace
MP3 - Santo Gold "Creator"

Amanda Blank - myspace
MP3 - Amanda Blank "Get It Now"

Rye Rye - myspace
MP3 - Rye Rye "Wassup Wassup"

Uffie - myspace
MP3 - Uffie "First Love"

Kid Sister - myspace
MP3 - Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal feat. KID SISTER "Beeper"

Honorable mention to my girlM.I.A but posting or featuring M.I.A. is a bit redundant at this point. Sorta above and beyond this post at the mo.

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