Monday, January 14, 2008

Mary J Blige

Mary J is back again. Shes come along way from her first hit single Real Love. On the real she is one of my favorite R&B/Soul/Pop artists. Her new LP Growing Pains is a breath of fresh air for all the previously mentioned genres. She flips the script on what is expected from her and brings a fresh new vibe and sound. Riding effortlessly over the production collabo of Tricky Stewart and Jazze Pha this track holds no signs of chesse but every sign of a hit. Keep it up Mary your doing Just Fine!

Heres some Mp3 goodies for ya'll including a new remix I just did that has been lighting up the dance floor as of late.

Mary J. Blige "Just Fine"

Mary J Blige "Just Fine" [ Degree handleit jusfine Remix ]

Mary J Blige "Real Love"

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