Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2nd Annual Boxing Day Sound Clash feat. NEIGHBOUR



NEIGHBOUR [Homebreakin Records]

Matt aka NEIGHBOUR has lived and breathed music since he busted out the cradle. At age 5 he would cajole strangers with his beloved ukulele, progressing onto guitar and bass as time went on. After learning to play saxophones in the jazz band and plying his trade as a music teacher throughout high school, he moved on to Mount Royal College where he took part in the Jazz Studies program on guitar. Through it all, Matt developed his recording skills alongside his instruments, learning on the classic four-track Tascam and moving onto serious multitracking and computer sequencing. A strong love for funk, soul, and disco developed as he worked at local record stores and sure enough, these elements are ever present in his groove-drenched productions. These days, when he's not producing or teaching music for Home Breakin', he spends his time playing gigs around town with various bands, DJing, and digging for the next break to transform into funky black gold.

Heres some Mp3 goodness for you courtesy of Neighbour,Wax Romeo and a cheeky little remix I did of one of their tracks. PEEP IT!


MP3. NEIGHBOURHOOD ROMEO - THIGHS [Degree's Krispy Thighs Remix]

This years Boxing Day Sound Clash sees not only NEIGHBOUR but also our previously posted superstar DJ Merk Meny. To complement we have Myself, Mandarin Orange, Acid Wash, The Hues and Electrichead rounding off the main room. In the second room we feature the talents of Dreadnought, Lil Boh Beat, Selectress, Battery,Cobra Commander, and a Special appearance by long time world wide Jungle staple JOHN ROLODEX who will be battling his up and coming protege Sureshock.

$10 @ The Door - Dec.26/07

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